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New York Giants News And Notes: John Mara, Terrell Thomas And More

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is your Thursday morning notebook -- a day during which the Giants are traveling to Florida for Friday's preaseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Giants owner: We might never get another Super Bowl
With New Jersey about to thumb its nose at a federal law that limits sports betting to four other states, the New York Jets and New York Giants aren't nervous about the NFL yanking the 2014 Super Bowl. But they're pretty sure they won't see another Super Bowl in the Meadowlands if the state starts taking bets on their games.

"If New Jersey goes ahead with its plan and has sports betting, I don't think there's a chance in the world of us getting another Super Bowl," Giants co-owner and CEO John Mara said.

"I'm not concerned about this Super Bowl, but I will say this: It would be difficult for us to get support of the other owners for another one."

New York Giants' Terrell Thomas could benefit from new IR rules -
With the season opener against Dallas just under a month away, Thomas needs to prove he can play again after missing last season with his ACL injury, then hurting it after three days of training camp. Thomas could be one of the first players to benefit from the NFL's new rules on injured reserve, which will allow a team to place one player on that list after the 53-man roster is decided and then bring him back later in the season.

The Day at Camp: August 8, 2012 | Inside Football
I’m simply amazed – no make that appalled – about the story to come out of Green Bay today involving LB Clay Matthews claim that the Giants didn’t beat Green Bay in last year’s divisional playoff games, but rather the Packers beat themselves.

I guess Matthews forgot about how the Giants very narrowly lost to the Packers in their regular season meeting, a late field goal preserving Green Bay’s spotless won-loss record at the time. I guess he also forgot about how despite all the turnovers and issues the Packers offense had in that playoff game, the Green Bay defense didn’t fare any better in giving up 37 points or in finding a way to stop Eli Manning and company.

I’m not much of a fan of excuses, and I despite the "we beat ourselves" one only because it robs the opponent of its due credit. Besides, when a game of that magnitude is on the line and you don’t bring you’re ‘A’ game, something’s wrong.

Justin Tuck contests Clay Matthews' suggesting Packers gave playoff game to Giants |
Plus, Carr on Tebow and Osi hires new agent

Andy Reid of Philadelphia Eagles returns to practice - ESPN
I'm a football coach, that's what I do, and I know my son wouldn't want it any other way. I can't put it to you any more frank than that. He loved the Philadelphia Eagles. I know what he would want me to do."

Top Plays - Aug. 8: Final warmup


"I don’t know if some people have scrimmages, I think we have four scrimmages. That’s what we do with our preseason games. It is very important to us. We do need the work."

-- Giants coach Tom Coughlin on the lack of tackling during Giants' training camp

"We’d like to see a better effort from the next guy who goes in, but we’d like to have a model that goes in there first and shows all these younger players how to do it. We don’t really have that right now and that’s little disconcerting. They think they’re doing well but compared to who? That’s what we’ll have to build and I’ve encouraged these couple of older players because we need a model here. It’s so much easier to coach from a guy who can really do it well and let him be the example for you."

-- Tight ends coach Mike Pope on the competition at that spot

"He’s got some speed, he’s got some off-tackle ability, and he has that second gear. Where does he fit? Where is he, within the learning curve of the NFL right now? That’s the hardest thing for a rookie right now, especially as a running back, to fit in, and how much can he digest? How much has he grown? Can he protect the great quarterback who we have? That’s the number one thing that he has to do is protect the great quarterback."

-- Running backs coach Jerald Ingram on first-round pick David Wilson

"It’s kind of funny how a guy with two Super Bowl rings and two Super Bowl MVPs is the third or fourth most popular quarterback. Eli and I just brush it off, you know how he is, but we kind of like it that way. We relish the underdog role. We go out in the morning and do our work. We show up and study like we’re first-year guys and we go about our business the same way. We try to get our guys better and then see what happens in the game. We don’t really get caught up in all the other stuff."

-- Giants' backup quarterback David Carr on the distorted media coverage between the Giants and the New York Jets