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Tom Coughlin Press Conference, 08.08.12

A: First preseason game, the starters will play 15 to 18 maybe. The seconds will play about 20-25 and then we’ll let the thirds play anywhere from the end of the third on or maybe the top of the fourth. There are a considerable number of guys that are not going to play. There are probably eleven that are not going to play and you know who they are; the PUPs and the guys who are really not practicing. The rest of them will have an opportunity to play. The objective is always to win but it’s all about personnel. We’ll play them just exactly the way that I’ve talked about it. I will not sacrifice that part of it. Hopefully we’re good enough and deep enough that the guys will get in the game and respond and enjoy themselves. I want them to play hard and give us a chance to do some evaluating and trying to figure out how people fit.

Q: Are you considering giving Marvin Austin more snaps--?

A: Not necessarily.

Q: How important are these preseason games since you guys are only going once a day?

A: Well they’re an opportunity to tackle and have total physical contact, which we need. I was asked the other day by one of the writers about maybe if you tackled in camp; they were trying to determine the direction the game was headed in. We never tackled in camp. I don’t know if some people have scrimmages, I think we have four scrimmages. That’s what we do with our preseason games. It is very important to us. We do need the work. We will, of course, build their playtime up as we go along, but we have a most unusual start to our season in terms of the Wednesday, Sunday, Thursday concept of the first few games. Hopefully we will get our work here done in the preseason, build up, get everybody an opportunity, see how our team fits together, do a good job of how these kids will all be put together to the best of our team with special teams being a major consideration and we’ll go from there.

Q: Given the limited time you get to see the guys in full pads, how difficult is it to analyze these players and find the next Victor Cruz?

A: I think we evaluate their meetings. We evaluate these practices that we have. We’ll evaluate the preseason games, and I think we’ll be able to discover the people that, going forward, are going to be key players in our game.

Q: Of course Terrell didn’t play today, but how nice was it seeing him back on the field?

A: Well it’s good to see him out here. It’s just good to have him back and good to have him in the meetings and back with the players. Although most of the time he’s rehabbing and spending a lot of time inside, it’s just good to have him with the team.

Q: About the rehabbing, what’s the type of stuff that he’s doing in order to get him out of the field as fast as possible?

A: Whatever the medical people decide that he has to do and how fast he can do it. If he can aggressively move from one level to another is going to be a medical decision.

Q: Anything new on Beatty?

A: Not really, they [the doctors] think he’s improving with the medication and the time he needs to fully recover to make sure that this is not a recurring issue. The days are just flying by. It’s kind of a double-edged sword there.

Q: Boley’s hamstring still--?

A: Yes.

Q: Have you ever dealt with an aggravated ACL like Terrell has?

A: It’s certainly not a normal circumstance. There may have been one or two instances that were part of an MCL or that kind of thing that we had a rehab opportunity with but none that I can definitely recall.

Q: So it’s a little uncharted here, the timing--?

A: Yes, we’ll see what the progress is.

Q: How has Prince looked to you?

A: He’s doing ok. He needs time. He needs to play.

Q: How did Nicks’ foot respond to the --?

A: It seems like he’s improving. He said that he’s doing some cutting now so that’s a good thing.

Q: What was Rocky Bernard’s injury?

A: Just an old knee that kind of swelled up on him.

Q: With Beatty kind of iffy is there any thought about Diehl going back to left tackle?

A: There’s all kinds of thought of lots of stuff but Beatty comes back next week. The idea is to get the best five out there.