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David Carr Press Conference, 08.08.12

Q: You don’t feel like you’re not getting enough attention for a backup quarterback around here?

A: I guess in this area you kind of feel that way, right? Maybe a little bit, but we’re fine with the attention that we have.

Q: Is it hard to not notice what the difference is as far as the two backup quarterbacks in New York?

A: Yeah, it’s kind of funny how a guy with two Super Bowl rings and two Super Bowl MVPs is the third or fourth most popular quarterback. Eli and I just brush it off, you know how he is, but we kind of like it that way. We relish the underdog role. We go out in the morning and do our work. We show up and study like we’re first-year guys and we go about our business the same way. We try to get our guys better and then see what happens in the game. We don’t really get caught up in all the other stuff.

Q: Does it almost play into your hands? You guys prefer to not necessarily be the newsmakers. Do you like the fact that a lot of people are focusing on the other New York team?

A: Yeah, it’s crazy that the defending Super Bowl champs don’t really have a lot of pressure on them. It’s weird to say that, but we don’t get much attention. Like I said, that’s our personality… All the other stuff is great for other teams but we kind of relish the role we’re in.

Q: Was there any particular moment in all the Tebow coverage that’s really jumped out at you?

A: There’s so many. I saw the paper where Tebow has got his shirt off and he’s running and I was like who cares. The guy got hot and he took his shirt off, so what? I guess it’s a little bit bigger story than I‘ve seen before. It’s pretty intense.

Q: Do you realize that more than half the world is female?

A: Yeah, I know. The other thing I realized too is that there’s a reason female fans are out there. They enjoy the game as much as the male fans, so you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

Q: You said you guys don’t feel media pressure but once you step on the field do you feel like you guys will notice the bulls eye that’s on your back?

A: Oh, for sure, but we’re going to get everyone’s best effort. From Jacksonville all the way to the last regular season game, we’re going to give everyone a shot. I was here the first time that they were defending and it was the same way. We played great that year. I thought we were one of the best teams in football. It just didn’t work out for us the next year but we’ll get everyone’s best shot. There’s going to be no doubt that there’s a bulls eye on our chest.