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Tom Coughlin Transcript, 08.07.12

Q: Nice to see Terrell (Thomas) back?

A: Terrell? I didn’t see him, is he here? When I came out here I hadn’t seen him.

Q: Do you imagine it would be nice when you see him?

A: Yeah it’ll be nice to see him. I’m looking forward to seeing him.

Q: On Hakeem Nicks running on the side:

A: He’s been doing them over on the side here, running hoops and that type of thing. He seems to be doing pretty well at it.

Q: On Nicks’ return to practice:

A: Just waiting for them to tell us.

Q: Timeframe for Chris Canty’s return:

A: Not that I have.

Q: Setbacks for him?

A: No. We’re waiting, he’s got to get there. He’s got to get to where he’s strong enough, and the knee won’t swell. He’s not there yet.

Q: Da’Rel Scott injury?

A: He has a thigh contusion. It’s swollen, and it came up the side of his leg. It’s his second injury. That doesn’t help.

Q: Will Hill and his first team reps:

A: He’s getting more reps in that regard. He comes in there some in the nickel, and what we call "bison," which is another group. He’s in there. He’s had some opportunities and he’s getting more.

Q: Thoughts on the scuffles in practice:

A: What scuffles?

Q: The pushing and shoving…

A: That’s about what they were. I think they’d like to play against somebody else. I certainly don’t think after 10 practices that anybody is tired of hitting on each other. I’m sure they’re anxious to play someone in another uniform.

Q: Thoughts on David Wilson and Rueben Randle in preseason opener:

A: I need to see ball security. We’d like to see David’s big play potential. Rueben has been a guy that has caught the ball consistently all through camp. He’s very smooth. He’s gotten himself open, caught the football. I wouldn’t think there would be a reason for him not to continue that in the preseason. We’ll see how they do when they compete against someone else other than our own people.

Q: Are those your Syracuse classmates here with you today?

A: Classmates? (laughs) That was my high school basketball and baseball coach. Bill Carey was here. He had a couple of guys with him that were officials when I was a high school athlete.

Q: So we can get the real dirt from them?

A: (laughs) I told Bill he better watch who he’s hanging around with.

Q: Thoughts on Markus Kuhn:

A: Flashes. He’s a nice sturdy, young man. He’s starving to learn. Very, very good attitude. The kind of guy that we think can be like a sponge. He needs so much information, pretty solid inside. Doesn’t really know a whole lot about pass protection. We have a lot of room to coach him there.

Q: Thoughts on Hosley making plays in camp and developing physically and mentally:

A: Seems like he is, and seems like he can handle it too. That’s a good thing. He had a nice punt return yesterday, and had a nice interception play today. Good for him. We need for that guy to really come through for us.

Q: Thoughts on Brandon Mosley:

A: Inconsistent. He’s had some good plays, yesterday I thought he had a couple real good plays, today I didn’t notice much.

Q: Technique wise?

A: Finishing. Getting the job done. I don’t really think he’s a mental error guy. He does have a ways to go.

Q: Thought’s on Osi’s interception in practice:

A: Really good. Really great hands. I thought we had beat him with that screen a few times this preseason, and I thought he had been suckered in again. He was a long way down the line of scrimmage, and then he turned around and recovered, and made a really nice catch on the ball. He ran the length of the field, then we put him right back in on the next play, and he was like "Oh darn!"

Q: (Perry) Fewell makes them run the whole way right?

A: It’s a good habit, let them bring it back.

Q: Still seeing mental errors?

A: Yep, yep. Still are. Probably still will for a while. The more you put in, the more you expose them, the more one guy out of eleven will be prone to make a mistake. The whole (unit) offensively seems that way.