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Reuben Randle Transcript, 08.07.12

Q: Are you curious to see how you do against another team?

A: Yeah, I am curious. It’s exciting to just go out there.

Q: Tom Quinn was telling us that as a punt returner, you have a pretty long stride and cover ground pretty easily. How much punt returning did you do at LSU?

A: It’s something that I did every day. It’s something that I’ve been doing since high school…

Q: Do you feel comfortable doing it here so far?

A: Yeah.

Q: Has your comfort level changed since the beginning of camp? Do you feel like you’re ready to do more?

A: Yeah, I think I’m more comfortable. I’m getting [into] the playbook and understanding things more, taking more time off the field and getting to it more, so it’s made my game speed up faster.

Q: For a long time in the NFL rookie wide receivers didn’t have an impact in the league until maybe their second or third year, but the last few years, that’s changed. Rookie wide outs are having an impact. Do you notice that, or why do you think that is?

A: I’ve noticed that and I think that’s due to guys willing and wanting to improve and wanting to go out there and get on the field … So, I think if you go out there and do what you’re supposed to do, everything will work out for itself.

Q: How much will this first preseason game mean to guys like you and David Wilson, to finally show something against somebody else?

A: That means a lot. Be able to show the coaches what we’re capable of doing and I think they’ll gain more confidence in us, and more trust in the players around us, so it’s going to be a big step for us.

Q: Do you have any idea how many snaps you’re going to get?

A: Not at all. They haven’t talked to us about it. We just continue to focus on this practice week and maybe a little bit later in the week coach will talk to us about it.

Q: One thing Coach Gilbride talked about with you was getting into that playbook and really mastering it. I’ve talked to some other guys who have gone through in the offense and it’s a pretty complicated system. How far along are you?

A: I’m grasping it pretty well right now. Still a little gray areas that I could work on, but for the most part I am picking up on it pretty well and I think coach Gilbride is noticing that because I ask him a lot of questions when we’re in meetings. So, I am picking up on it pretty good.

Q: One of the dangers he said with you is that your talent allows you to have success without really knowing the finer points of the routes and some reads and stuff like that. Do you find that …?

A: Yeah. As a young player there’s a lot you can learn still. Talent has helped me out a little bit more than some other players, but I’ll still continue to work hard and try to practice my craft and everything and just continue to get better.