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Hakeem Nicks Transcript, 08.07.12

Q: When can you begin to do football activities again?

A: I start running routes today. We’re going to see how that goes.

Q: What have you been doing? Straight ahead running?

A: Yeah, straight ahead. Yesterday, I did some stuff, running in circles, running on the outside of my foot, seeing how it feels. I’ve been doing hills to get my endurance back up. Doing everything necessary to make sure I’m in shape before I step back out there. I’m going to run some routes on the side today for the first time. We’re going to see how it feels after I do that today.

Q: Is anyone going to throw to you?

A: Not a quarterback. It’ll be a trainer or someone throwing to me.

Q: Are you still on the PUP list?

A: For today, yeah. As far as we know for today, yeah. We’re just going to see how it responds to that.

Q: What’s the next step if today is successful?

A: Continue to do that. Grow in that aspect. Next week, we’ll see what they say.

Q: Do you think you’ll get to play in Albany at all?

A: We’ll see, we’ll see. If they choose to let me go out there and do some things as far as running routes on air, with the quarterbacks, we’ll see how that goes, but right now we just need to see how today goes and take it from there.

Q: Do you need preseason games to prepare?

A: I don’t really think about it. My main concern is making sure that when I do step on the field that I’m healthy, and I’m 100 percent. That’s our whole focus right now – need to make sure we’re taking the right steps to make it that way.

Q: Thoughts on opening night return:

A: Definitely still on target, no setbacks. Everything is going well. I’ve been running every day. No setbacks. Feeling good. Getting back.

Q: Pain in the foot?

A: No pain. If anything, it’s more about me knowing and realizing that it’s there, but I can get over that quick. It’s just a matter of continuing to run on it, and trusting myself in running my routes.

Q: Orthotic training?

A: Yes, I have some orthotics made for my cleats.

Q: Excited to get back?

A: Yeah, definitely. I’m excited about running some routes today. Getting to see where I am. It’s going to be exciting for me to see where I’m at physically in running my routes.