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Tom Coughlin Transcript, 08.06.12

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin answers questions from the media after training camp at at SUNY Albany. Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE
New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin answers questions from the media after training camp at at SUNY Albany. Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE

I will just start out today by acknowledging the fact that yesterday was a very sad day for all of us in the NFL family. Our condolences, our deepest sympathies, go out to Andy and Tammy Reid and their family at the terrible, terrible loss of their son. We also have Assistant Coach Al Holcomb, who lost his mother yesterday. It was kind of a sad day for us yesterday throughout the league. We also have some news in terms of, I’m not going to try to define all the medical terms that are being used…The suggestion on the part of the group of doctors that have looked at Terrell Thomas is that we try to rehab him and see how he does and if he can get back on the field to do so. He’s coming back to camp. He’ll jump into a rehab program. We’ll watch him very, very closely. We’ll hopefully accelerate his… the strengthening of the knee and see how soon he can join us and we’ll hope for the very best.

Q: That sounds like a best-case scenario at this point considering…

A: I think it is. I think that’s the best way to put it.

Q: So they feel…. The medical people said that it was an injury to the ACL…

A: Again, I can’t go… You have to take what the medical people have said and utilize that. I indicated that what I would tell you would be… from what I gather, the consensus. Whether you go, the three doctors that are involved, and you know all three of them – Dr. Andrews being the most recent. The idea is that they would rehab Terrell and see if we can get him to a position where he can come back on the field. So that’s what we’re going to do.

Q: Did he have the scope?
A: No. He did not have a scope.

Q: You said he’s coming back to camp tomorrow?
A: As soon as he can get here.

Q: Did they give you… Do you have any idea of what a timetable…

A: No. I wouldn’t even guess. I wouldn’t even try to guess that.

Q: He’s going to do some stuff and see if it swells?
A: That’s the whole idea is to find out. So here we go. He’ll jump in there and I’m sure he’ll go hard. He came to see me before he left for Birmingham and he told me he would call me. I guess as it works out or plays out, I’m out here and he’s trying to call me. He feels very positive about it, before he left. He really doesn’t have any pain. Does not feel instability. The knee was not swollen. He went down and Dr. Andrews pretty much agreed with what the other doctors had said and what they felt was, ‘Let's try to rehab him and see how far we can… see if we can get him right back on the field.'

Q: This is an ACL for a cornerback who has to cut a lot, do you still think he can do that?

A: That would be wonderful if he went out there and did zig-zags and came off with no swelling. If he felt great and said ok what’s next. But I can’t tell you what the answer’s going to be when he tries to do all that.

Q: This is clearly encouraging news --?

A: Sure, you’ve got to look at it that way.

Q: Speaking of your corners, was Prince out today?

A: Prince was, he’s got a little bit of a hamstring.

Q: Good to see Boley back? Is he still experiencing anything with the hamstring or is it all clear?

A: I’m not asking. He’s back out there.

Q: Beatty missed a third straight day?

A: Beatty is here and, to be honest with you, the news that I got from down below is good. He does have some sciatic nerve issues so they’re trying to eliminate that. When they do eliminate that they think the guy can go and when he goes they don’t think he’ll have any repercussions. That’s why right at this point in time they’re being very cautious because of the sciatica. They’re trying to get that completely out of the equation. Anyone who has ever had a back, you know how that goes. It’s tough to get rid of that part. I’m hoping that they can control it. He is on some type of medication.

Q: You’ve had Locklear out there at left tackle for the past few days. How does he look to you?

A: Off and on. He’s been in the league for a while so I’m hoping that he can just pick it up and go from there. I think there has been some good and some bad, to be honest with you. Hopefully as we go forward there will be more good than bad.

Q: With each day that you see David Douglas do you become a little more impressed with the catches he makes?

A: He’s done well. There are a lot of roles that I’d like to see him in; as a kick returner, as a gunner, all that kind of stuff. He’s made some plays for sure.

Q: What are your thoughts on Henry Hynoski and his progress?

A: Are you from his hometown?

Q: What are your thoughts on Henry Hynoski?

A: He’s a tough guy, now. He’s got a role to play. He loves the role. He does it very well. The really good thing about Henry is he also catches the ball.

Q: Coach, we had a chance to talk to Sean Ryan today. What are your thoughts on elevating him to the quarterbacks coach?

A: Well, he’s earned it. Sean earned the right to move up a notch, and he’s a bright young man. He’s done a very good job with the challenge we gave him with the receivers, now we give him the challenge of coaching the quarterbacks. I think he really was excited about the opportunity. I think he will do very well with it.

Q: Coach Herrmann is really excited about your linebackers. You know, Paysinger and Herzlich. Both undrafted guys. How do you feel about them? He said they bulked up, and have been impressing him.

A: Well, they have. I don’t think Mark as much, but Spencer has for sure. I mean, he’s much bigger than he was a year ago. I’ve said it, I think we’re better at that position, and I certainly would like to see how this whole group works out as we go through the pre-season. Our numbers have been down there, which has kind of created another issue for me, other than just performance. So, I’m hoping that they go through the pre-season, play as well as I think they can play, and give us more firepower.

Q: Do you see both making first team at this rate?

A: I don’t have any thought about that. They’re going to play a lot, just like everybody else is.

Q: In regards to Thomas, is it fair to say that you’re not really… You don’t know what to expect , whatever he gives you…

A: Don’t put any more words in my mouth than I just said. I said exactly what I felt. I don’t have any more left. So, let’s leave it at that. I’m encouraged by what the doctors are saying, and let’s try to get him back on the field.

Q: Tom, with a guy like Ramses, he had four years. Is it time for him to start producing? Or is it to stay healthy? Or what?

A: Absolutely. It’s time. It’s time. It was time last year. It’s time. The guy is going to make a mark in the league. He’s smart; he’s been around long enough. He’s been in the heat of it. You know, he’s made plays; he just needs to make them more consistently. That’s all I hope this is his time.

Q: D.J. Ware has been getting a lot of looks on first team, since camp started. Six years in the league is kind of a vet on the field, you feel like now there are some openings in the running game. He’s got kind of a chance to shine here?

A: Well, you never have enough quality running backs. He’s earned the right to be in that position that he’s in. Whenever he’s had the opportunity this fall, he’s done well with it. So, let’s just hope that as the opportunities come, he continues to take full advantage of it.

Q: How is Hendricks? The knee? Or…

A: I don’t know for sure. I think it was the MCL they were worried about. He did some exercises on the side, including some zigzag stuff. So, I don’t know. I’m hoping that we can put a brace on him, and in a couple of days, he can go.