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Chase Blackburn Transcript, 08.06.12

Q: How do you feel a week into camp?

A: It’s a little different. Obviously, we’re not getting the same number of practices that we’ve had in the past. At the same point, it becomes more mental, getting in the classroom, longer meetings, the walkthrough at night. It’s imperative that we get those reps in at night at walkthrough. We have the same number of reps as a practice at walkthrough, so it’s a good look for us.

Q: Thoughts on Herzlich:

A: He’s a good player. He’s smart. He’s obviously advanced from last year. He’s looked good on special teams, and he’s looked good at the mike (middle linebacker). It’s still a competition.

Q: As a veteran, you don’t want to sit?

A: No, definitely not. When I was young, I took advantage of every opportunity that I had. When Antonio would be out, I’d try and take advantage of every rep I could get. He’s doing the same thing. He’s trying to take as many reps as he can get. When we’re out there practicing, he’s trying to get reps, at the Will (weak side linebacker) and the mike, the threes (3rd unit), he’s going to get as many reps as he can.

Q: You said, ‘When I was young,’ do you consider yourself old now?

A: I mean, I’m an eight-year guy. I’m not old, but I’m not as young as I once was.

Q: On status for today’s practice:

A: Oh yeah, I’m playing, I’m practicing, I’m good to go.

Q: Could you have played Saturday?

A: Yeah, I could’ve. It’s just one of those things. They were fortunate enough to give me the day off, and with the day off yesterday, I feel pretty good. Hopefully the legs will be back under me, and I’ll be ready to go today.

Q: Finish your teaching certificate this off-season?

A: No, never got that away. It’s a busy offseason when you win a Super Bowl; gets busy in a hurry. Doesn’t seem like we had a lot of down time this year, but that’s what comes with it, and I’ll take it again if it happens this year. No down time is good.

Q: Desire to show the coaches more:

A: Definitely, definitely. I think if you ever get complacent in this game, you’ll get passed by in a hurry. If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. You never stay the same. I think there’s always more intimate knowledge of the defense, whether it be my position against a specific set on the offensive side of the ball, or against a weakness of our defense that they might try and attack. There’s always something that you can learn every day.

Q: On knowledge of the defense:

A: I have a pretty good understanding. I can pretty much tell you any position on defense, and what they’re going to do for each play, things like that. But again, there’s so much more you can do. Offenses are learning what you’re doing as well, and they’re going to attack certain parts. There’s always strengths and weaknesses to every defense, whatever have you, Cover 3, Cover 2, any blitz. There’s always a strength and weakness to everything. I think it’s always good to know what those are so you can try to help and take advantage of it.

Q: You and Perry (Fewell) are on the same page?

A: We have a pretty good understanding of the defense, and obviously it’s his defense, and he has a very intimate knowledge of it. I feel pretty good, pretty comfortable with it, but again, you can’t be complacent. Take as many notes as I always have. It’s just the way it is. I’m never going to be happy with where I’m at. Always strive to get better.