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New York Giants News And Notes: Quotebook Edition

Not much news to report from New York Giants training camp this morning. Let's just give you a few quotes from the transcripts that were made available by the team's PR staff on Saturday.

"I don’t need to talk or say anything. I just need to show up and work hard and get my work done."

-- Bear Pascoe, asked about all the talking Martellus Bennett does, and all the attention he gets for it

"There are still things left to prove, especially coming into an atmosphere where these guys won a championship last year. That's one of the things on my resume that I'm lacking, so that's motivation for me. I want to play a part in hopefully getting another ring for these guys and not just be along for the ride."

-- Shaun Rogers, 12-year veteran defensive tackle, on his motivation

[See all of these quotes and more on the 'Transcripts' page]

"I'm devastated. I can't believe they took all this beautiful sun tanning time away from us."

-- Rogers on whether or not he misses two-a-day practices

"I feel good. I feel a lot better than before. It’s not… I’m standing up right, I’m walking fine. I’m smiling, so that’s a good thing."

-- Offensive tackle Will Beatty on his troublesome back

"He’s healthy and he’s playing in practice, and he’s really focusing on his game. There were injuries and distractions last year for him, unfortunately. This year, I think he’s more focused."

-- Tom Coughlin talking about Justin Tuck