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Bear Pascoe Transcript, 08.04.12

Q: How much of a change is it for you because it seemed like in past years you were more of a blocking back and now it looks like you’re going to be more of a receiver?

A: Yeah, it just kind of depends on what the coaches want to do. Here lately, I’ve kind of been more of that move tight end. It kind of depends on what direction they want to go in.

Q: Do you ever feel like they have forgotten me in this whole thing? Martellus comes in here and says crazy things about the Cowboys and we all run after him. Here you are just kind of getting the job done.

Q: That’s what I’m supposed to do. That’s my job and I don’t need to talk or say anything. I just need to show up and work hard and get my work done.

Q: When you talk about that position, obviously there is a need there for this team. Is there an opportunity to get out and take this job and run with it, given the chance?

A: I think so. I think there’s a great opportunity here for me to step in and kind of take it over. Like I said, being here the past three years and really knowing the offense gives me a lot of confidence going into it.

Q: Is there a comfort level? The more you’ve been here the more you know and now that you’re here at camp, you’re at a different place than you were a couple of years ago.

A: Definitely, definitely. Huge confidence boost right there. Just allows me to process the information faster and work with Eli a lot better.

Q: What have you seen from some of the younger guys? Adrien was drafted and you have Purvis and others.

A: They’re coming along really good. Adrien is very athletic and stuff. He’s picking up the offense. Purvis could be another guy for that B spot, and he’s very athletic and he’s picking up the offense. They’re doing well.

Q: Mike [Pope] comes up with any new drills for you guys this year?

A: No, not yet. They’ve basically been the same drills so, it’s been good.

Q: Is this team ready for a preseason game? I feel like it is going to get here before we know it. Maybe it’s coming just as quick.

A: Really, it’s coming fast. I think we’re ready. Our offense is gelling really good. We’re looking forward to next week.

Q: Are you guys doing a lot more 12 personnel sets with Manningham gone this year?

A: It’s a possibility. With me and Martellus in there, it gives us that opportunity to change our strength and we each bring something to the table, so it’s a huge possibility.

Q: That’s a dynamic that a lot of teams in the league are going to.

A: Yeah, it should be something that is pretty good for us.