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New York Giants Corners Amukamara and Hosley Hoping for Week 1 Return

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The New York Giants preseason has come to an end, and the team is preparing to face the Dallas Cowboys this coming Wednesday night to open the NFL season. Two players that are aiming to recover from their injuries in time to play in that game are Jayron Hosley and Prince Amukamara.

Both players are currently out of their walking boots, Hosley for a turf toe injury he suffered against the Jets, and Amukamara for a high-ankle sprain he injured against the Chicago Bears. Hosley has begun running and is taking it day-by-day, but Amukamara's return seems further away as he hasn't begun running yet and he's still in pain.

"I haven't been able to run, but walking is good, and getting on my toes is good, and I couldn't even do that three days ago so I'm glad I'm progressing," said Amukamara. "Not a lot of swelling, but the trainers told me not to let that steer me in the wrong way or confuse me because it's still painful, and like I said, it's still progressing."

Amukamara's ankle is still in pain, but he is progressing in a way where he's day-by-day, and although it's unlikely he'll play Week 1 it's looking like he won't miss too much time. Until he starts running and practicing, he's not seeing playing time.

"The doctor was impressed with how quick I've been improving," said Amukamara. He said that it's still a day-by-day thing, and I need to start running and practicing first, and I haven't done that yet, so after I get the ok from the trainers we'll go from there."

Hosley's story, however, is a little more optimistic about returning soon, maybe in time for Week 1. Hosley suffered his injury in the second game against the Jets after picking off Mark Sanchez and returning it for 77 yards and a touchdown. He's been doing some running and drills with the team the last few days.

"I've done a little running on it earlier this week," said Hosley. "It felt pretty good for the most part, just some small adjustments with the shoe and the padding, so I think I'll be good for the most part."

Holsey understands the patience that he needs in order to make sure he's ready for Week 1, but that doesn't tarnish his confidence of returning soon.

"Right now I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll be ready, and the trainers have been doing a great job with me," said Hosley. "The trainers have been doing a great job of getting me ready, getting me prepared to get back on the field as soon as possible. I'm feeling pretty confident about playing against Dallas."

Hosley still wants to work on his explosive movements on the field as that is when he feels the discomfort the most. "That's the concern right now," said Hosley. "When I did running and the explosive movements, it felt good the other day. As far as the practice part, I want to practice on it, we'll see how that goes."

Both players are working hard to get to the regular season field, but Amukamara's recovery is more of a longshot than Hosley's. Amukamara hopes he misses no more than one week.

"I'm thinking Week 2 is more promising, but I want Week 1 to be promising as well," said Amukamara. "I hope they make the best decision for me and the team."

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