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Hakeem Nicks: Giants' Receiver Glad To Get Game Action

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New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks took time out from an appearance at the New Era Flagship store on East 4th Street in New York City Thursday evening to spend a couple of minutes on the phone with me.

Nicks got his only action of the preseason Wednesday against the New England Patriots, catching one pass for six yards. The stats weren't important, and how Nicks looked really wasn't important. He came through the game fine, saying that Thursday he felt "nothing out of the ordinary."

He was also glad for the opportunity to get a few reps against live competition.

"I feel better. I know where I'm at now with my foot," Nicks said.

The question of whether the 2012 Giants will more closely resemble the 7-7 team that began last season or the team that finished 6-0 and won a Super Bowl has been asked a zillion times. Here is Nicks' take:

"We know what we're capable of as a team," Nicks said. "I can guarantee we've got a group of guys who are going to go out and play hard. I feel like we should be picking up where we left off."

Having Nicks healthy and productive can only help the Giants as they try to do just that.

NOTE: The link below is a short clip of a Nicks commercial for the New Era NFL sideline caps.

Hakeem Nicks_New Era