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Andre Brown, 08.30.12

Q: You’re an expert on cut day.

A: A bad expert. I feel more comfortable though. I feel that other than the one fumble that I had, I feel as though I put a solid game together. I’m sure I’m capable of playing in the league. I know I’m going to be here or if it’s not here, I’m going to be somewhere and I know that I still believe that it’s going to be my year.

Q: I guess you’re happy that you got a chance last night?

A: I feel very comfortable. I feel very good with my ability and that I came out there and I produced what I did. I was out there on special teams. I did pretty good there. On offense, I picked up my blocks. I was solid in my protection and I feel as though I put my best foot forward and I put in a good solid resume.

Q: What’s the goal for tomorrow?
A: First, to be a Giant.

Q: How do you deal with that for a long day?
A: For a long day, I’ll probably go watch a movie or something. I’m going to be looking at the phone and just hope and pray that I’m coming in here and getting ready for Dallas.

Q: What did you do last year?
A: Last year I just sat in the room. I’m not going to sit in the room and wait for the phone call. I’m actually going to go out and probably a movie or fish or something. Find a pond around here or something.

Q: Justin was saying that out of all the guys that played last night, everybody deserves to be in this league no matter what happens tomorrow. Do you think about that at all?
A: Yes, because I feel that we put a solid group of guys together. Upstairs did that a lot. We have been pretty competitive with camp up in Albany and you ask some guys… I feel we put a solid group of guys together and what happens tomorrow, I feel that’s in a… It’s hard for them to make the choices upstairs and some of the guys are going to catch them and probably not here, but probably somewhere else.