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Justin Tuck, 08.30.12

Q: Does it feel like a new day now that preseason is over?

A: I guess. It’s been a fun preseason; it’s been a different preseason. I’m excited to see who we’re going to have on this football team because those guys made our coaching staff, and Jerry Reese and his staff’s decisions pretty difficult. Heading into the regular season, I’m excited about it, I’m ready to get going, and we start off with the Dallas Cowboys and that’s going to be very exciting.

Q: You went to the hospital to get your shoulder checked out earlier this week?

A: Mmm.

Q: You’re fine?

A: Yeah.

Q: You’ve been saying you’re fine all summer:

A: I don’t lie much.

Q: Is it more precautionary?

A: We’re just keeping our eye on things. Making sure that we do our due diligence, and not let anything surprise us like last year.

Q: This team has been taking shots from the outside all summer long:

A: We’ve been giving some, too.

Q: Seeing so many guys back from last year’s team, are you surprised people are overlooking you guys?

A: It’s very similar to what happened last year, if I recall. There were some teams already fitting their fingers for rings before they even played a football game. It doesn’t look like people learned too much from last year. We relish having the opportunity to defend the title, and do it with people thinking that we can’t. We are looking forward to having a great season.

Q: Do you know which team you are coming out of the preseason with, the 7-7 team or the 6-0 team that finished the year?

A: I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell you all the things that are going to happen here. That’s why you play the game. I feel like we’ve built that bridge from the 6-0 record we had to finish last year, but who knows. We’re just going to go out here and play the game, and play it to the best of our abilities, and see what happens.