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New York Giants News And Notes: Preseason Is Over Edition

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Good morning, New York Giants fans! After an ugly 6-3 victory over the New England Patriots the preseason is over, and the Giants begin defense of their Super Bowl title for real. Here are today's news and notes.

Lawrence Tynes on his game-winning field goal:

"David Carr said that was the third biggest kick of my career," Tynes said. "That’s pretty funny. Actually, you don’t want to go to overtime, but it was good to be put in that position in the preseason. No matter who you are, it’s still kind of a late game field goal. Those are good to have before you go into the regular season."

Hakeem Nicks was happy to play a few snaps.

"It felt real good to be out there for the first time this preseason," Nicks said. "Went out there, got my feet wet, got a couple reps. It was exactly what I needed to know that I'll be ready for next week. It was pretty much what I expected. No problem with the foot. It felt good, and I'll be ready to start the season."

Adewale Ojomo on his strong preseason:

" I don’t consider myself a surprise, maybe to the coaches, but not to myself. ... I’m confident in myself and I’m confident in my abilities. I don’t think I’m a fluke, I think I can go out there each and every week, every Sunday, and do what I need to do."

Coach Tom Coughlin did not like what he saw from the starting offense:

"The continuity factor was quite obvious tonight. You take some people out of there and there are some people who have not been in there since day one and then for whatever reason, there were some mental errors tonight and some guys that we’re really counting on, it seems as if we had some mental errors. I’m going to have to look at the tape to verify all of that, but certainly there is concern. You expect that in the fourth preseason game, you’re going to run the ball and you’ll have a little bit of rhythm and tempo and there was none. If that’s what you mean by, ‘Am I concerned?’ Yeah."