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Giants-Patriots, 'Kudos & Wet Willies' Review

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It is time for the final 'Kudos & Wet Willies' of the preseason. Considering that the entire game deserved a 'Wet Willie,' there are actually more 'Kudos' this week than I thought there might be. The good stuff is after the jump.

Kudos to ...

Adewale Ojomo: Did the undrafted free agent from Miami do enough this preseason to earn a spot on the 53-man roster? Maybe. It certainly will be difficult for the Giants to cut him. Regardless of anything else he did the entire preseason, his strip-sack on Brian Hoyer late in Wednesday's game prevented overtime. He gets 'kudos' for that alone. Watching four quarters of that awful football was bad enough.

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Hakeem Nicks: He played. He caught a pass. He got hit. He came out of it OK. That's good enough.

Matt Broha: If Ojomo wasn't getting so much attention people might be talking about Broha making the roster. Broha had five tackles and 1.5 sacks Wednesday night. The undrafted free agent defensive end from Louisiana Tech had 3.5 sacks during the preseason.

Steve Weatherford: For punting nine times (10 if you count one he had to re-kick because of a penalty) without having his leg fall off.

Spencer Paysinger: Six more tackles for the second-year outside linebacker/special teams ace. He finished the preseason with a team-leading 21 tackles. He is on the bubble, but he will be a tough guy for the Giants to cut.

Craig Marshall: Got in on five tackles and had 1.5 sacks. Another of those young defensive ends who is bidding to at least be offered a spot on the practice squad.

David Carr: I don't care what his numbers were. He made it through the game despite an offensive line that, for the most part, should not have even bothered lining up. I mean, if you are pretty much just going to waive the green flag and let guys go through, what are you doing out there?

Ramses Barden: Four catches for 31 yards. You have to like what Barden has shown the past two weeks. Before you go and get all excited, though, remember that Barden has teased us in the past. Can he doe it in a real game that actually matters?

Linval Joseph: It was hard to remember since he only played early in the game, but Joseph was a force against the run. He had four tackles, and looks primed for a big season.

Wet Willies to ...

Matt McCants: The sixth-round draft pick was awful at right tackle Wednesday night. Guys were running around and through him all night. When he did manage to get in front of somebody he wound up being penalized. The offensive line, especially the reserves, was bad. McCants had the roughest night of them all.

Punt return team: Jerrel Jernigan, Reuben Randle and David Douglas got to return, and got nothing. don't blame them, though. There was nowhere to go. It won't matter who's returning this season if the Giants can't do better than that giving their returners a chance.

Running game: In the end, the Giants ran the ball 33 times for 101 yards, 3.1 per carry. The first group got nothing done, as David Wilson carried eight times for just 13 yards. This is still a problem.

Kwillies to ...

Andre Brown: Ran the ball hard, carrying 14 times for 55 yards. He did, however, fumble deep in Giants' territory. It will be a nervous couple of days for Brown as he waits to see if he makes the roster. Which I still don't believe he will.

Da'Rel Scott: Ran nine times for 31 yards, caught a pass for 18 yards and the turf monster is the only thing that stopped him having a long kickoff return. He did, however, have a running into the kicker penalty.