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Will Hill Transcript, 08.03.12

Q: It seems like you’ve gained more playing time with some of the starting units that we’ve seen. What’d they say to you in regard to that?

A: Everybody has been a little impressed about my play right now. A lot of guys have been going down injured and things like that, so I’ve just been stepping up and playing my part.

Q: What do you think about that role that they have you in, playing down low, kind of like a nickel, two-linebacker type deal.

A: I like it. I like it a lot. Actually, when I came in at Florida, that’s the first position I actually played. By me coming in here and doing that, they seem similar. I’m already accumulated with the position.

Q: Coach had some good things to say about you yesterday, kind of the way you were playing. Can you talk about that and you making an impression in camp?

A: I have that mentality, because I wasn’t drafted or anything like that. I have to prove myself to not only the coaches, but the players, that I belong here. That’s how I go out every day and attack everything full on.

Q: Will, when you feel like you’re getting the momentum going and you’re going in a positive direction, when you’re making an impression, how do you keep it going? What do you work on now, just to keep it going?

A: I work on everything – every aspect of my game. I always come in early in the morning to get with the special teams’ coaches and my position coaches, to work on everything because I’m playing both safety positions and the nickel positions. So there is a lot for me to come in and to learn and also think about my kids. I have four boys that I have to go out and provide for, so I always think about them before anything.

Q: How old are they Will?

A: Two of them are two and one in nine months.

Q: Was there ever any point after you didn’t get drafted that you had some real doubts that creeped in, like hey, this might not happen for you?

A: Yeah, right after actually. I thought this is it. There’s a guy, Lance Adams, my best friend, he’s been with me for the past five years and he’s always been in my ear like, ‘Look man, you were meant to play football. You had a little minor setback, just keep grinding and working and working.’ I got amongst a great set of people as in Ray Buchanan and Sam Madison. Those two guys pushed me, and kept pushing me and pushing me and I’m here now.

Q: Is there a part of you as a guy that goes through that and had to work to get here that maybe plays with a little bit more than…?

A: Yeah, I play with a little bit more umph that’s behind me. I had dark times. I know what’s on the other side and I don’t want to go back.

Q: You were playing faster the last couple of days. Are you getting more comfortable just in the week you’ve been here?

A: Yeah, I’m getting really comfortable because from OTAs to now, I did a lot of studying and a lot of tape/film, so by just doing that and coming out here now, it’s just the same thing. It’s like, it’s time to pick up speed and show the coaches that I know what I’m doing.

Q: You were physical yesterday. Any of the coaches tell you, you were too physical? Or no?

A: No. I haven’t played football in a year. I’ve got a lot built up in me. I need to hit somebody.