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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

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Good afternoon fellow Giants fans. It's that time again--to look back at the NFL's new stories of the past week and to make snarky comments about those stories.

Let's start with a heartwarming story about Drew Brees bringing in a new wide receiver named Marques Clark, who he found at a high school while doing an offseason program. That's pretty cool, but do the Saints need another receiver named Marques who spells his name the same way as Marques Colston?

Speaking of the Saints, WHO DAT tied for the lead in Olympic medals as of today?

I'm glad the commish is comfortable having replacement refs to start the 2012 preseason, because I'm not. This will magnify every questionable call, or every call. But Goodell hopes to have the crappy....errr, regular refs, back on the field by September 5 when the Giants and Cowboys kick things off.

Speaking of kicking things off, did you guys know that the Cowboys may be contenders once again? I mean, wow, I didn't know that.

So the Cleveland Browns were sold to a truck stop mogul and the brother of the governor. I mean, the Browns--a billion dollars? Yikes. I mean, that's half a billion for every win this season. I used to live there, I can say that stuff. But here is the kicker. James Haslam III (really, III?) is already part-owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I mean, what???

I was wondering why Josh Brown wasn't listed among current NFL kickers when I was researching for my column yesterday. It's because Rexie brought him in to compete with erratic Nick Folk. From what I've seen, Brown is a pretty good kicker who is also good in the clutch, so my money is with him.

Here is a story about one of my favorite players, DE Jared Allen of the Vikings. I'm proud of the writer for not saying the word "motor," as in "Jared Allen has a great motor." When you say that, you have to do it in that harsh Midwest accent of Jon Gruden.

Marvin Lewis got a contract extension, which is good, because that guy always seems to have the Bengals overachieving.

When I first saw this article about Patriots' wide receiver Julian Edelman, I noticed the cop shooting radar in the placed in the middle of the piece, and I thought that Edelman decided to be a cop in the offseason.

Here is a preview of the 2012 Seattle Seahawks in case any of you are interested. I still can't believe those guys beat us at home last season.

This is really sad about Titans' WR O.J. Murdock, who died this past weekend in an apparent suicide.

Did Jim Harbaugh refer to journalists as "clueless?" I know he's not referring to Peter King, who said the Niners have that "super look?" I seem to remember King having a woodie for these guys last year (is there a non-offensive way to say woodie? I tried to be less offensive by using the proper term, but that would be a word that starts with "e," and I don't think Ed wants me to use that word here. Funny to think about it though!).

I'll take the Giants being third in the NFL power rankings, wouldn't you? Peter King's Niners are fourth, the Eagles eighth and the Cowboys fifteenth. That's about right,huh?

Now this is funny. CBS will send texts or Facebook messages for fans of "The Good Wife" if its games run long and the start of the show will be delayed. I know what you guys are thinking. You're thinking that if your wife gets that message, she'd be considered a "good wife" if she brought you another beer. Right?

Have a great weekend fellas!