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Terrell Thomas, 08.27.12

Q: How’s the rehab going?
A: It’s going great. I’ve been running in the underwater treadmill. Got on an elliptical today. Squatting, lunging, doing everything like I was 100 percent and obviously we’re still taking it slow and hopefully I can get a good update from Dr. Warren and I can start running Wednesday or Thursday.

Q: Is there anything in your mind that says maybe two weeks into the season or do you have any idea?
A: I know there was a big buzz about my comment on my blog and it’s in the doctor’s hands. That’s just what I’m shooting for as a player. I’m never going to sell myself short. I always want to compete and I’ve been pushing myself very hard in the weight room and in the training room. I feel great. I feel like I’m improving. My leg feels great, but I think they’re going to be cautious and slow me down as much as possible. Give it a couple more weeks, but you never know. I’m pushing to get back and contribute as soon as I can.

Q: When do you see Dr. Warren again?

A: Wednesday. Wednesday I’m going to the Docs.

Q: Your goal is still to play opening day?
A: My goal is to play tomorrow if I could if they allow me, but you never know. I think Ronnie (Barnes) is going to keep me under the wraps. They want to save me for the long haul and I understand the process since I aggravated my injury, which I missed all last year so I don’t want to do that again. I’m just working my butt off to get back and help this team as much as I can.

Q: Given the time frame and the final cuts are coming in a couple of days and obviously they’ve got roster spots to deal with. Has there been any hint at all that they’d even consider long term IR and not having you back for the season?
A: Not that I know of, but I do understand it’s a business and it comes with it. That’s why I’m here working my butt of every day. It’s a numbers game. They drafted a first rounder last year and a second rounder this year and those guys are gunning for my spot and I understand that. I was that guy before, so I respect it and I understand that it’s a part of the business.

Q: Is it important for you to maybe show them a little something?

A: Not at all. I think I’ve showed enough since I’ve been here. You never know with this type of injury. It’s a time thing. You don’t want to rush it. I think they have my back in a corner to give me that time and if not, they would’ve opted for the surgery because it was like a coin flip. I didn’t need it, but it would’ve helped regardless. I’m very confident in myself and where I stand with this team, but it’s a business. You see guys get cut left and right on these judgment days.

Q: Is it frustrating when you see Prince is down and Hosley has got the turf toe?
A: Yeah. It sucks. We can’t get right at corner. It was Aaron, then me, then Prince and now Prince and me and Hosley. We’re all suffering from it, but we’re all working hard to get back and once we all get back out there, we’ll be at full force and that’s the goal for one day.

Q: Are you still going to the meetings?
A: Yeah. I’ve been participating in everything.