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Prince Amukamara, 08.26.12

Q: What are they telling you about this thing?
A: Just that it’s a mild high ankle sprain. They didn’t tell me an expected time of recovery, but how I feel right now is a huge improvement than how I felt yesterday and after the game, so we’re just taking it day by day.

Q: What kind of treatments are they having you go through?
A: Just ice, compression, elevation and rest. Rehab part is going to start tomorrow. Start doing some marbles and just making it more mobile and just so it can stay loose.

Q: Do you think it happened the play before you came out?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you know how it happened and how were you able to stay in for a play because it seems to be a rather painful deal?

A: Well, it did happen the play before on Hester’s reverse. I kind of got rolled up when I was blocking Marshall and Corey asked if I was good. I told him I’m not sure and he told me to go down, but I didn’t want to go down on the field and I always stay a play after just to see how serious it was and then I guess the Bears heard me say that I was hurt so they tried to come after me the next play so that wasn’t smart and then just made a good tackle and then I stayed down.

Q: Did you think it was something worse?
A: I’m not sure. I just felt something just poking out the side of my leg and I definitely had a flashback of my fifth metatarsal last season, so I didn’t know what was going on and then they brought out the cart. I think the cart was pretty dramatic, but they were taking precaution because they weren’t sure.

Q: How frustrating it is with another injury this summer?
A: I don’t think it’s frustrating at all. I’m not discouraged by no means. I’m thankful nothing’s broken and it’s all apart of football. You get banged up and I know the saying is you can’t make the club in the tub. I’ve been in the tub pretty often, so I just have to hurry up and get out and do everything I can to help this team.

Q: You said that they didn’t really give you a timetable, but do you have something in mind or a game in mind about when you can be back?
A: I think in a couple of days, I’ll see how it feels and I’ll be sure to give a prediction or I’ll just see how it feels and just take it day by day and I think I’ll know by then.

Q: Did you do any further damage for staying in the extra play?
A: No. Not at all. I just made a tackle on a catch and then I guess I just landed.

Q: Are you concerned about this injury in the sense it could be a couple of weeks?
A: No, not at all. I mean I rolled my ankle last week and it’s actually the same foot and I played through it. Everything was fine. I feel pretty confident that I do recover quick from ankle sprains. I used to play basketball and deal with them, but this one is different. It is a mild high ankle and I never experienced one like this. It’s just something new and just with the trainers, hopefully I can get it taken care of.

Q: They usually say 3-6 weeks for a high ankle sprain. Do you think that’s realistic or do you think you’re back sooner than that?

A: I’m not sure, but mine is mild. I don’t think it’s as serious as others in the past, so day by day.

Q: Are you sitting there shaking your head with all the injuries going down in the secondary?
A: You could look at it like that, but it’s just thankful that none of the injuries are serious and guys can just bounce back pretty quickly.

Q: Do you worry that the time you miss in practice and games hurts your learning curve?
A: No. I’m still going to be engaged in the film room and watch the practices. I know the mental part will be there and this preseason and the practices have been helping me just getting adjusted to the speed. I think I should be great.