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David Wilson, 08.26.12

Q: How are you feeling after a pretty big workload Friday night?
A: It was just good to out there and be productive with the first team and go against a first team defense and see I can go out there and make plays.

Q: Pretty happy with your performance?
A: Yea. Definitely and to have that many yards in the amount of plays I had and go out there… I didn’t know what to expect so to go out there and just be productive, but there’s definitely room for improvement and I know I’ve got to improve and there’s just little details.

Q: Are you surprised by anything in your first full action in the NFL?
A: Yea. I was surprised by the whole experience. I didn’t know what to expect so going out there and being able to be productive, that’s what I wanted to do and it was my goal.

Q: Do you feel like you opened some eyes beyond New York people?
A: When you have a game on national TV and you play well or you play bad, I mean you’re on national TV so everybody gets the chance to see you and give their opinion.

Q: It seems like you were getting some buzz on Friday night on Twitter.

A: Some of my friends told me that I was getting a little bit of buzz. Good thing it was positive.

Q: You’ll get a lot of opportunities against the Patriots on Wednesday as well. What do you need to do better?
A: I’m just trying to go out there and get better in every aspect, but the main thing is just come off the field and have no mistakes; getting close to the opening season. We want to eliminate all the mistakes and really focus in on the details and tighten my game up.

Q: The kinds of things that you were unhappy with the other night, were they more mental or physical?
A: More mental. Physical part, I was pleased with my performance on some plays and just mental parts. It’s just steps. The coaches say these are not the right steps for this play. I mean it’s details. You want to go out there and execute everything accurately.

Q: What’s it been like playing with a veteran like Ahmad? Have you learned something from him over the last couple of weeks of camp?
A: Definitely. Just watching throughout camp and everything. Those guys went ahead of me and I got to watch and then go after them and try to emulate. Just watching them and picking up how they do it, I’d like to think I’m a visual learner. You know like looking at lines. It’s a lot different than going out there and actually doing it. I like to learn visually and seeing them do it and go out there and just try to simulate what they do.