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Tom Coughlin Post-Game, 08.24.12

Coughlin: Nobody likes to lose and we certainly didn’t like to lose that one. Some people that were given some opportunities did well. Some did well, some didn’t so well, so that’s how you put a team together and hopefully we’ll be strong enough in certain areas to go out and play the schedule that we have to play. I didn’t like the way we finished that game and I didn’t like the… There was no production on offense whatsoever. Hit or miss. We had a ball on the ground right before the half that we knocked out on kickoff coverage and they got the ball back. They got two of them on the ground back today and that could have easily been the difference in the game right there. It was kind of a back and forth second half and not a lot of plays being made. They were better offensively than we were and that’s what it came down to.

Q: Did David Wilson show you some things?
A: He did. That was a nice thing to see. Ramses Barden did some nice things. That was good to see. That was the plan to see those people and some others. There were some others put in positions that we’ll have to look at the tape before I make any comments on them.

Q: How bad is the injury to Prince?
A: I’m going to have to get more information. It’s not fractured. They were saying high ankle. Dr. Warren thought it was mild so that’s what was told to me. That term, high ankle, if it’s a mild sprain, perhaps it’s not going to take as much time to get back. Kiwanuka, I understand, has a groin.

Q: David Wilson has never seemed overwhelmed by any of it…
A: He may not have seemed overwhelmed but all the young people have trouble with protection. Just the knowledge of how to get to the person you’re responsible for and that took place. So he’s battled that and he still is. He still is. He has some play-making ability, which was shown tonight and that’s something that we certainly can use.

Q: How did the other cornerbacks look after the Prince Amukamara injury?
A: Michael Coe seemed to go in and play pretty well. I didn’t think they went after him. Can’t really say much about the other guys.

Q: Mild or not, there’s only 11 days left before the opener. You also have Terrell Thomas out there. Is that a pretty big area of concern for you right now?
A: It’s one of a few. Yes.

Q: Prince has obviously struggled with a lot of injuries. Is he just having trouble staying on the field?
A: Well I’ve got to give him credit. Even when he was injured, he made that tackle over there on the sideline. We don’t think anybody knew what the injury was and we couldn’t get him off the field fast enough. He didn’t go down so he played one more play and they went right at him and he made the play. So yeah, he’s had some injuries, but he is a tough kid and I think he’ll come from this as fast as possible. How fast that is, I’m not sure.

Q: What does a guy like Scott show you on the blocked punt?
A: His speed and his versatility. I think that we’ve been able to utilize him on special teams and we’ll continue to do that, but he has the outstanding speed and he has enough size and power to where he can contribute.

Q: You gave David Douglas a lot of opportunities. Did anything flash to you when you watched him today?
A: The play that we got the holding called on, he did a nice job. I thought he was going to run out the other end. Danny did a nice job, too, of his. He fumbled the ball but he went and got it back. That was good to see. Robinson caught a couple of balls over the middle. We had our obvious breakdowns in protection. Each one of them seemed to have issues.