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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

Happy Friday fellas. Holy crap, we have just twelve days until kickoff. Who's ready? I think I've been ready ever since Gronk lunged for that last Brady desperation pass and it fell to the turf. Remember how awesome that was?

Meanwhile, we still have no refs, and Roger Goodell can't eat in Jonathan Vilma's restaurant in Miami. What else is happening this week?

NFL dismisses mistakes from replacement officials | ProFootballTalk
There’s nothing to see here. Keep moving. No cause for concern. That’s what the National Football League essentially is saying as it tries to hold together, with duct tape and dried-up glue, a collection of third-tier-and-worse replacement officials who have struggled at times through two weeks of preseason games. And it’s much more than bad calls in the heat of the moment. It’s a troubling inability to know what to do, quickly and correctly, after the whistle blows.

Does anyone out there believe this will get done by September 5?

Goodell: NFL seeks long-term improvement with refs - Yahoo! Sports
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says possibly using replacement referees for regular-season games is worthwhile to ensure long-term improvements to officiating. The league and the NFL Referees Association have yet to reach an agreement, and Goodell acknowledged Thursday that time was running out to make the regular officials available for the openers.

Vilma's Miami restaurant won't serve NFL Commissioner Goodell - South Florida Business Journal
There's a bit of an odd twist to New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma's fight with National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell, who suspended him for the season. The Brother Jimmy's BBQ in Miami, which is partly owned by Vilma, has prominent pictures of Goodell posted with the words, "DO NOT SERVE THIS MAN."


Five single-season NFL records that could be broken in 2012 | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Shutdown Corner: 5. Passing Yards Drew Brees, 2011: 5,476 yards Dan Marino's single-season record for passing yards stood for 27 years before being broken in 2011 ‒ twice. Tom Brady topped it and Drew Brees smashed it, throwing for 5,476 yards to …

I think Brees or Aaron Rodgers may throw for 6000 yards or come close

Jaguars to play 4 home games in London - Yahoo! Sports
The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to be England's team. The NFL and the Jaguars announced Tuesday that the small-market franchise will play one home game in London for four consecutive seasons beginning in 2013 - a step the team believes will broaden its fan base and take some pressure off locals who have mostly failed to fill the stands in recent years.

Yeah, let's take the one team nobody cares about and let the UK have them.

NFL fantasy football: A.J. Green the next Megatron? -’s Ian Rapoport reports that Cincinnati Bengals wideout A.J. Green spent the summer working out and learning from Detroit Lions superstar Calvin Johnson. Both players trained together at the Georgia Tech facilities, where "Johnson tutored Green in fundamentals and technique."

Ehhhh, let's not go that far. I'm kind of offended this guy even said that.

Fantasy football: Two legends share their breakout picks -
When asked which rookie runner will breakout, (Marshall) Faulk believes Doug Martin of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be that guy because the Bucs have "one of the best offensive lines." (Marcus) Allen countered with the belief Oakland Raiders back Darren McFadden will "be a big factor this year," and will "realize this tremendous potential he has."

NFL-Rookie quarterback Tannehill to start season for Miami -
Ryan Tannehill will become the first rookie quarterback ever to start for the Miami Dolphins in a regular season opener when he takes to the field against the Houston Texans on Sept. 9, the team said on Monday. The 24-year-old, taken eighth overall by Miami in April's National Football League (NFL) draft, edged out veteran starter Matt Moore for the role, Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin told reporters.

NFL and pain: Fleeting glory, bodies past repair |
As part of that routine, before suiting up to be a battering ram, Kleinsasser took a pregame painkilling injection of the anti-inflammatory drug Toradol. He learned long ago that the ideal NFL survival strategy requires a macho mentality. Suppress the pain, stay available -- no matter what it takes. "It's like a badge of honor to play through your pain," he said. "You're seeking validation and respect from your teammates and coaches. So you fight through it. And no, it doesn't feel good. But it feels rewarding that your teammates look at you like, 'Hey, this is a guy we can count on.' "

Bartolo Colon suspended 50 games for testing positive for synthetic testosterone - Yahoo! Sports
Oakland A's right-hander Bartolo Colon was suspended for 50 games Wednesday for using synthetic testosterone, the second such high-profile suspension within a week and another sobering reminder that baseball's performance-enhancing drug issues are far from resolved.

Wait, that guy is still pitching??? Maybe not anymore. Was Roger Goodell involved with that one, too?