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Farley's Fantasyland: Some Love for SB Nation Fantasy Coverage

Happy Thursday afternoon fellow Giants fans. I just wanted to drop by and offer a few thoughts as we inch ever closer to the start of the 2012 NFL season and, hence, the 2012 NFL fantasy season. We had our draft on Tuesday for the Big Blue View Wrecking Crew Yahoo league, and if you're interested in keeping up with us, you can do so here. I will tell you that this rookie commissioner boogered the draft order by not knowing that Yahoo typically chooses the order for you 30 minutes before the draft begins. And at that point, it's locked and I could not change it to the order we pre-determined last Friday. So guess who wound up with the first pick instead of the twelfth? Yes, The Editors--the team run by Ed and myself. Thankfully the other eleven players were gracious and also knew my second pick would be the 28th selection.

Anyway, I wanted to remind you all that I will be writing a twice-weekly fantasy column right here--most likely on Thursdays and Tuesdays. The former will talk about potential lineup decisions and match ups. The latter will analyze what happened that weekend. But I want to stress that my column will be rooted in fun and relative snark. That means I may wonder out loud if a typically productive running back was more concerned with what was on the dinner buffet than in what he did on the field. You get the idea.

That being said, if you are looking for solid fantasy football advice, I recommend visiting the SB Nation Fantasy page. Not only do our experts have fantastic comprehensive fantasy football analysis, but they also have a new feature--the SB Nation Fantasy War Room, in which you can talk fantasy in the chat room for four hours (6-10pm ET daily).

Meanwhile, I will leave you with one comment. I was reviewing a great piece on the SB Nation fantasy page by Philip Beanblossom about draft strategies. And right on there is the player I chose with our third pick--RB Michael Turner. Do you ever have buyer's remorse five seconds after making a pick? Last year, I chose Percy Harvin in the fourth or fifth round of my draft and wondered out loud why I was such a moron. That's why you'll hear me talk about the Mikey's Gut Feeling (MGF) during the season--I should have followed the MGF last year on Harvin, and I have a bad feeling Mr. Beanblossom is right about Turner, but I hope not. The moral here--don't have buyer's remorse. If you aren't sure, don't hit that "draft now" button.

And make sure you read my column here and visit the SB Nation Fantasy page regularly and book marking it. Happy drafting!