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Jayron Hosley, 08.22.12

Q: Coughlin said you’re still a little bit sore? A: Yea. That’s the main thing is trying to work out. Just get the soreness out and get the stiffness out. It’s been going pretty good.

Q: Is there some treatment you can do?
A: I’ve been doing treatment and anything I can to get the muscle along and get the stiffness out. I’ve been doing a lot of motion with it, trying to work it out. It’s been going pretty good for these past couple of days. I’m feeling good about it.

Q: It’s actually turf toe?
A: Yeah. That’s what they diagnosed it as.

Q: Have you ever had that before?
A: Never.

Q: Pretty painful…
A: Yea. It’s just different. It’s such a small thing but it could cause so much problems. It’s just something that you got to take day by day and do the right thing to get it right.

Q: Have you been given any timetable at all and when you might be back out there?

A: Hoping next week, early next week. That’s what we’re shooting for so that’s what I’m working towards.

Q: We didn’t get to speak with you after the film session at the Jets game. What did you see from yourself in the film session?
A: Definitely some improvement from last week to the Jets game. Just knowing where I’m supposed to be. I’m lining up my assignments and techniques got better overall. With making that kind of play, I think that kind of made things a little better. I think it was a pretty good… Not too many plays but I made it count when I got the chance.

Q: How comfortable have you felt at nickel?
A: I’m feeling pretty comfortable. It’s something different but I’m used to it. I’m going to get used to it with the right culture. They’ve been coaching me well. I’m getting a lot of advice from the older guys like Antrel, who played there last year. It’s been coming kind of second nature to me.

Q: After watching the tape, did you ever figure out how you hurt it?

A: I still haven’t. Right now, I’m just worrying about getting it right and getting back on the field.

Q: It looked like at the end of your touchdown, you dragged your foot but then right afterwards, you jumped up to celebrate too. You didn’t do anything at the end of that?

A: I didn’t feel anything at that point. I don’t think it was at that particular time. I’m just focused on trying to get back on the field and get it 100.

Q: You didn’t play after that interception?
A: No.

Q: What do they do for it? They just ice it?
A: It’s just doing any kind of thing to get some motion back into it. It’s been stiff so we’re just focused on getting the stiffness out and me being able to get back out there. We’re just trying to take it day by day. Hopefully it can improve everyday.

Q: This is one of those injuries where you sit there and you never know how long it’s going to take.
A: Yeah. Hopefully not too long. Main focus is to try and get ready by Dallas. That’s the focus.