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Corey Webster, 08.22.12

Q: Are you ready for the preseason to be over?
A: It is what it is. Four preseason games, we have to go through them. It’s how you evaluate the team, it’s how you get the team better, and it’s how you critique your craft going into the regular season. We need these games, so we can get all of the … out, so you can be at your top when the season starts.

RE: Regarding the upcoming season-opening game against the Cowboys:
A: It’s nothing you have to get up for. It’s a big rivalry game, Dallas against the Giants. We want to kick the season off the right way, so I think everyone will be up for that challenge. I think the New York Giants will be up for it, I know the Dallas Cowboys will be up for it, and I think it’ll be a good game.

Q: As a veteran cornerback, now that you’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks, how is the secondary looking to you?
A: I always think we’re a work in progress. I always think we can get better, no matter how good we’ve done in the past, or how poorly we’ve done in the past. Everybody’s on the same page, we’re going out there, working hard to try to critique, be fundamentally sound, be technicians, and get our games to the best level. Everybody wants to be great, we have the ability to do something special, and everybody recognizes that. Everybody’s working hard, all eleven on deck, and trying to make each other better.

Q: How about Prince’s progression?
A: Good. I mean, he’s doing everything that we ask him. He’s looking up to the veterans to point him in the right direction. He’s being a sponge, and I think as long as he keeps doing that, and making plays, he’s going to do well.

Q: What have you thought about Will Hill so far?
A: Another good, young player. He’s been out of football for a while, but I think that’s humbled him, but he knows what he wants to be. He wants to play football, him being right here from New Jersey, he can make the transition more smoothly, but he’s a baller.

Q: Terrell Thomas said in OTAs that the secondary can be deeper than last year, with so many guys coming back. Do you feel that way?
A: I feel like everyone wants to catch up. We had a few injuries last year, those guys that are coming back off of injuries; they want to fit right back in. I think that’s only good for the group. I think everybody’s working and pushing each other, to make each other better. So, when you have competition like that, it’s always good for our team.

Q: What have you seen from your LSU rookie, Rueben Randle?
A: We still get on him a little bit. He’s a rookie, so we have to stay on him, make sure he’s doing everything right. I think he’s got a good quarterback to throw him the ball, I think he’s doing everything that the quarterback asks of him. Hopefully, he can find his spot right there, so he can be in that wide receiver corps.

Q: He said back in camp that you were on him from the very beginning. What are some of the things you’ve told him?
A: I’m just making sure he’s making the transition smooth. I don’t want him… You see the rookie wall and stuff like that. I know he knows how to work, he’s been at LSU, I’ve seen him working out and training at LSU. I want him to bring that same work ethic here, and if he does that, he’ll be successful.

Q: How about Jayron? Obviously, the big return the other day. How have you seen him progress?
A: I’m seeing these young guys out there, having fun. We’ve got a good group of young guys. Nobody is coming in here with any big heads, or any expectations. They just come in here, wanting to get better, want to help the team get better. So, I think they have a good attitude. You’ve got an attitude like that, I think success is only of essence to them.