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Prince Amukamara, 08.22.12

RE: Regarding last week’s performance:
A: I thought my physical play was great. I thought it was pretty aggressive. I didn’t see a lot of action, but I’ll probably see a lot of action this week. There are a couple of things that I can improve on that my coach pointed out to me. I’ve been focusing on that at practice.

Q: What exactly?
A: Press technique, or just getting my reads down faster.

Q: Cornerbacks always talk about how they have to have attitude. How hard is that to develop when you get to the NFL? Especially after you had the injury in your first year. Is it something that’s tough to develop? Or is it just something you have to have?

A: I do get told that cornerbacks are just supposed to have the most swag, and a lot of confidence. I think that just develops through your play. I mean, if you make plays, the more confidence you get.

Q: Are you still working on that? Do you have it?
A: I think I have it. I probably don’t show it on the outside, but I think my play shows it the most.

Q: Are you preparing for this game as a starter, like a regular season game? Where you get a specific assignment and you study up on that assignment?

A: Yeah. I’ve been preparing for every pre-season game as a regular season game. There are fifteen days until our first game, so I’m just taking every practice here seriously and my film study seriously.

Q: Do you see the confidence in Jayron Hosley? Remember, when he was drafted, Jerry Reese said he was "athletically arrogant." Is he a guy who came in with a chip on his shoulder?
A: For sure, yeah. He’s someone who is very versatile, and like Terrell Thomas, he can play the nickel spot. He can play the corner spot, he definitely makes plays, and that’s good for our team.

Q: Is the nickel spot that much different than when you play outside?
A: Yeah, for sure. You have to blitz, you have to do different assignments, and there’s more room rather than the corner, you have the sideline to yourself, and you’re on an island. In the nickel, there’s just more responsibility.