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Tom Coughlin, 08.22.12


A: Back spasms, kept him off his feet.

Q: Will Hill?

A: Death in the family.

Q: Pierre-Paul has had back issues at the beginning of camp a few times. Is this just the usual soreness?

A: I think it is, yeah.

Q: Tom, with the quick turnaround between this game and the fourth game, do you expect this will be the last time the starters will play?

A: I don’t know that. We’ve always played them a little bit in the fourth game. I wouldn’t want to be quoted on anything right now. We’re concerned about this game and how we play in this scrimmage. After that we’ll make some decisions.

Q: Tom, what’s up with Brandon Mosley?

A: Ankle

Q: How did he play before that?

A: Mosley? Rookie inconsistency. He’s been a good worker.

Q: Have you made up your mind yet if Beatty does not come back, whether you’re going to stick with what you have out there?

A: We’re always searching and looking and so on and so forth. Trying to get prepared with the people that we have here, but that’s a constant in this league and this level. Again, it’s an all-the-time thing, search for talent, search for talent. We’re going to stay optimistic about the other thing, but it’s getting pretty close.

Q: Tom, you talked a few times at training camp about Markus Kuhn and his flashes.

A: He has, he has. He’s a tough kid. He has great energy. He’s there every day, you can see every second. He plays hard, he’s got a lot to learn, but there are no obstacles in terms of his desire to be good and the time that he’ll spend doing it. We’ve been excited about him.

Q: Do you like his accent?

A: He doesn’t speak much to me. Hello. Goodbye.

Q: From Nicks this week what have you seen as he’s progressed from just getting back out there for you and now?

A: Today I asked him to go a little harder because tomorrow’s just a walkthrough/jog-through type thing. He went a little better today, he actually looked better today. I liked what I saw today.

Q: You don’t know yet I assume whether Pierre-Paul can play in the game?

A: He’s not going to play in this game.

Q: Are you concerned at all about him?

A: No, I think it will end up being precautionary based on what we had to do today. Not letting him work. He would have practiced and played, but the medical people said this is the best way to go, so that we ensure going forward that he’s going to be ok.

Q: Is Jerrel Jernigan still in the mix at punt returner or just kick returner?

A: He’s in the mix of everything.

Q: How important is it, in your priorities, to run the ball well in the preseason?

A: It’s been a high priority. It hasn’t been accomplished very well, but we certainly have tried it. We rushed it 32 times the other night for 1.8 yards per rush. Obviously it hasn’t been very successful, but we will continue to try to develop the run in all capacities. Whatever the personnel combination is on the field, we’ll continue to try to rush it.

Q: Wilson has progressed to the point with the first team reps. How about Rueben Randle?

A: He’s made good progress for a young guy. There are some things about his game we would like to see just like I would like David to do some things. We need to play them and give them an opportunity to have some multiple reps, so we can see exactly what happens when they do start to get into a game mode.

Q: How much work have you done on Dallas and when did you actually start?

A: We started in the offseason. We do all of our research in the offseason. We study the opponents, one through four, all of our divisional opponents, any new opponent. We study them during the offseason.

Q: Have you picked it up again now?

A: Not really. Not yet, but we will. We’re pretty much where we were at. We’ve looked at I think one of their preseason games. We’ll pick it up as we go along. This third game would be a good game for us to study.

Q: How important an opportunity is Friday for Wilson?

A: He’s going to have an opportunity to get some play time and like I said, he’s very quick, he’s very fast. We’re over there cheering for him to break one. It might be kickoff return, who knows.

Q: Do you have an update on Hosley?

A: I don’t. I wish I could tell you, but I don’t. He’s sore.

Q: It’s still the turf toe?

A: It’s the toe, yeah.

Q: Nothing in the mid-foot or anything like that?

A: No. Mid-foot? No. It’s not there.

Q: What do you expect from Marcus Thomas?

A: We’re anxious to see him play a little bit. It’s kind of a very interesting story for a guy that started and played 11 games last year. The guys that we had last week that played, they did a good job for being around a couple of days and thrown right into the mix. They really knew their assignments and did a nice job with that. We’re hoping the same thing with …

Q: What’s the very interesting part of it?

A: Well, that he was available.

Q: …

A: Well, they’re not easy to find. To have a guy like that, that was available to come into your camp and also to be medically okay

Q: Tom, how close was what you saw from your first defense Saturday the way you’re going to need them to play when it matters?

A: Pretty close to being right on. We like to finish a game with those kinds of numbers, that’d be good. Of course the number one stat is keeping them out of the end zone. They did a good job of that.

Q: Who is your nickel corner now?

A: Will Hill would have been that. Hughes was that. Antrel can drop down and play that spot. We have a few combinations that we can play. Obviously this is not what we wanted. We wanted more time for Hosley to play in there and try to get him ready for the season, but we’ll have to deal with that.

Q: Do you expect Will back for the game?

A: I do, he’ll be back.