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Jason Pierre-Paul Out Friday With Back Spasms

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul won't play Friday night against the Chicago Bears due to back spasms, according to multiple reports on Twitter.

I can just hear the snotty remarks and the potshots heading Pierre-Paul's way.

"Hey, JPP, that's what you get for hauling around teammates and throwing them in tubs full of icy cold water."

"Hey, Pierre-Paul, maybe you should have spent more time icing your own sore muscles instead of dumping teammates into the tub."

Tom Coughlin told reporters that Pierre-Paul will be held out Friday for "precautionary" reasons.

Much more later on the Giants practice, including full details on who did and who did not practice.

Meanwhile, I'm sure you have your own one-liners you would like to fire at Pierre-Paul. If, that is, you aren't too busy having a panic attack because the Giants best defensive player will be missing a game with an injury. Which, of course, is not really a laughing matter.