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Tom Coughlin, 08.21.12

Q: Is there anything new on Michael Boley?

A: No. They were going to run him today, I haven’t seen him. I’ll speak with him and see how he felt, but there’s nothing else that I can tell you.

Q: How does Rivers look in that spot?

A: Rivers has played pretty well. He’s played pretty well. He’s gotten better each week. Practiced well. Special teams he’s done a nice job. He can run.

Q: What is going on with Shaun Rogers?

A: Well, there’s a ray of hope, that’s all. We’re going to hang in there as long as we can. I’m not going to be able to give you all the medical stuff. He is on his medication, there’s a chance that he could come back and play, is what we’ve been told. We’re just going to hang in there as long as we can. See if they can determine where he is and how fast he would be able to play and all that stuff.

Q: Did something change or did he just …?

A: Nothing changed. He went and had another opinion and a little bit more positive, would be a good way to say it. Which we’re happy about.

Q: Practice has been a little less physical.

A: Well what happens when you get into these kinds of days, it becomes carded because the weeks are short. You have this week every day is carded and that’s the way it is in the regular season and that part of it alone takes just a little bit of the sting away from… Playing your own defense and your own offense and that type of thing. We’re getting good reps. They may be not as physical. From a cardiovascular sense they’re fine. It did warm up a little bit today. We’re getting good work, but it’s not training camp quote unquote work. The opponent becomes a bigger factor, especially when you’re talking about (preseason game) number three.

Q: Do you have to change anything major when you’re preparing for two games in five days?

A: No, unfortunately we’ve done this a few times. We take them one day at a time, but we do realize that probably over the course of the next five weeks, some unusual things will take place from a scheduling standpoint.

Q: Do you know whether Hakeem may see any action?

A: We’re going to watch him practice here for a couple days and see.

Q: Any update on Beatty?

A: No, unfortunately not.

Q: Would you be willing to let Wilson start to see what he does with the first team?

A: He’s practiced, he’s taken a bunch of snaps here. He’ll get many snaps, but he probably won’t start, but he’ll get many snaps.

Q: The second opinion on Rogers is he wouldn’t have to take blood thinners? Is that …?

A: No, he’s taking some type of thing but there’s … I can get you something that makes more sense from a medical standpoint, but there is a second opinion. He is on a different kind of medication and that medication is supposedly something that can be dealt with after a certain amount of time. Whether it is five or six weeks, I’m not sure.

Q: In the third game you’re evaluating still but you’re also looking for the execution from your group. Is it a little bit…?

A: In 16 days we play a regular season game. You’re running a lot of bodies in and out and it’s not quite the continuity you’d like to have, but still. Offensively we need to go. We need to get something done here. We have some people who need to show that. Yes, quite frankly, we had a special teams error in both games. That’s got to be eliminated. We’ve got to put the ball in the end zone, that’s something that’s a challenge for the offensive team. The defense played well last week. We had the ball run on us the week before, so it’s a consistency thing. Can we go do that week in and week out? Against a team that scored a lot of points the other day and moved right down the field, advancing the ball in the air. It’s a good football team. It’s time for us to start to move in the direction of the execution and the performance being at a high level.

Q: How would you characterize the production of Will Hill over the last few weeks?

A: Will Hill played very well in the first preseason game. He played well after he got going a little bit in the second preseason game and he continues to do a good job with his special teams’ assignments. He’s pretty much on all of these teams. There’s definitely improvement there and like I said, he’s very motivated.

Q: Are you confident the message was sent to JPP and Prince and the team, that it’s behind you guys for good now?

A: I’m confident that the understanding of what we said in training camp came to bear with a very unfortunate example. I think the guys all understand.

Q: Is Hill the example of a young guy who gets it all of a sudden?

A: Well, if you take it away from somebody and they don’t have it, and then they see perhaps they have an opportunity and they want it bad enough, it’d be a nice story for the kid if he could put it all together.