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Hakeem Nicks, 08.21.12

Q: How far off is your timing with Eli?

A: It’s not far off. Obviously it needs some polishing up because we’ve been out for a while, but we have enough time where we can make things right. A good solid week of practice and everything will be back.

Q: Does it matter if you play in the preseason or not?

A: For me personally, I’m the type that likes to get some kind of live action before we go and do the real thing. We’ll see. I haven’t talked to the coaches or trainers about it.

Q: Did you do about f50 percent?

A: Today I did a little bit more. Yesterday I was about fifty, today I was about seventy-five. Work my way into the full …

Q: So if you did play it would probably be in the last preseason game?

A: We’ll see. I’ve got to see what the doctors and the coaches say.

Q: Is it nice to actually have some contact with a cornerback who’s defending you?

A: Definitely. It makes you bring your feet back up under you. As far as getting the timing of your releases and stuff like that down. Versus press and versus off, time your routes differently. It’s good to actually go against some DBs.

Q: When your rehab started in full, was this where you felt like you were going to be, right before the season started?

A: Definitely. I feel like I’m right on schedule. No setbacks thus far, so we just have to keep going the way we’ve been going and just keep it simple and go out there and do what I need to do.

Q: Do you find yourself conscious of the foot at all? Or is it out of your mind?

A: It’s out of my mind once I’m out there running. I don’t even think about it.

Q: Do you ever lose the ability to catch the ball when you miss that much practice?

A: No, I don’t think I’d ever lose that.

Q: Is a foot injury a scary thing for a receiver? I mean obviously, you’re on a good course?

A: Depends how you look at it. The foot is obviously, as a receiver, is not the injury that you want to have the mind over power is … If you’ve got a good mindset, you can overcome.