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David Wilson, 08.21.12

Q: What are you looking for in this third preseason game and what do you hope to still show these guys?

A: They got me going with the ones so I look at it as really my first preseason game. Getting a real feel and going against a first team defense and out there with the starters and see how productive I can be.

Q: Is it a big deal to go with the ones to you?

A: Definitely. I was nervous a little bit when they first told me I was going to go with the ones. It had to sink in and I got out in practice yesterday and you could tell I was a little bit jittery and nervous. I settled in and now I’m just looking forward to the game.

Q: What’s the responsibility like being a part of the starting group?

A: You just feel more… I mean I’m in there with Eli and those guys. You want to go out there and show what you can do and hopefully you can get more reps with Eli and be getting more plays with the ones.

Q: Nervousness is not something that we’ve heard from you. You seem like a confident guy. Was that the first time…

A: That was the first time. Like even in college when I went with Tyrod, it was like I wasn’t nervous. The first time in a long time I felt nervous was yesterday.

Q: Were you less nervous today?

A: Yea. A little less nervous. There was still some in there. I’m just waiting for the game to start.

Q: What’s the big difference in the college game? Is it speed?

A: No. I don’t think so. Speed seems the same. Even like physical contact and stuff is the same. I think the biggest difference is the assignments you have as far as in the playbook.

Q: What’s more important? Is it running the ball or is it protecting Eli?

A: To be successful, you have to do both. If you can protect him and you can’t be productive with the ball in your hands, then you’re not going to be on the field much and if you can’t protect him and you’re productive with the ball in your hand, you won’t be on the field as much. We want to be good at both so you want a balance and have the best of both worlds.

Q: How much more do you have to do with the playbook where you feel like you’ve got it down?

A: Probably next year. Nah. No. It’s a lot though. I’m learning every day, learning something new. Until I feel like I’m not learning anything else, that’s when I’ll feel total 100 percent comfortable.

Q: It would appear in this game you will get the most snaps and the most action that you’ve seen so far. How important is that to you and what do you want to see from yourself.

A: I just want to go out there and get productive with the first team offense and show that I deserve more with the first team offense. I’m a rookie and I’m learning and the running back protecting the quarterback is a big role. They’re not going to put you out there until they know you’re ready and you’ve proven you’re ready. They’re giving me my opportunity this weekend and I want to take full advantage and go out there and be productive.

Q: What’s it going to be like in front of the home fans just having a chance to showcase your talents?

A: Last week was kind of a home game but it wasn’t really a home game. It was the Jets game. But it’s the first one going against the Bears and I don’t know. I can’t put it in words… You’re excited for your first game to go out there… Especially for me since I’m being out there with the starters. I’m just excited about the whole experience.

Q: Being a rookie, you came in here and there’s always a pecking order. Ahmad was first and D.J. was second. Is this a chance to move up to a higher level?

A: Yea. Each week I look at as an opportunity to prove yourself and move up on the depth chart. This week, they’ve moved me up tremendously in giving me a shot so you definitely want to take advantage of that.

Q: When we asked you about moving up, the first thing you said was getting to play with Eli. Did Eli say anything to you?

A: No. Not really.