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Tom Coughlin, 08.20.12

Q: This morning you talked to players about the whole hazing video?

A: Sure I did, absolutely.

Q: Was it more about don’t put it out on social media?

A: No, I talked to them about the whole issue. About the fact that, first of all, it was wrong for Steve to do that because there’s trust in the locker room. People have to be able to rely on each other. You don’t think for one minute that would have happened if they thought this was going to be published. I did see the tape and it’s inappropriate on a couple of levels. First, the language was inappropriate, no doubt about that. Anytime you have a player that could be injured, that’s not a good move and I would be concerned about that as well. Those are the things. They roughhoused, they were obviously at the end of a practice. I don’t know if you’re aware of the fact that probably about a third of the team goes into the cold tub at the end of a practice in training camp. Because they do that, it’s a spot that some of them will gather. For them to be in that particular area and be roughhousing around, I wouldn’t say it’s unusual for a training camp, but nevertheless I understand how this could be perceived the wrong way. We don’t want that. That’s why I say I think it’s inappropriate language and inappropriate behavior anytime a player could be injured. That’s my feeling about that.

Q: Were you aware that last week Corey Webster posted a picture of Rueben Randle wrapped up like a mummy and dropped in a cold tub?

A: No, I wasn’t.

Q: How do you feel about it?

A: I didn’t see that picture. I’ll talk about this picture, if you don’t mind. Whatever you want to talk about …

Q: If you had seen this incident or were aware of this incident and there was no video, would you have been upset by it? I mean you know what goes on.

A: Yeah, I would have been upset by it. As I said, because in those two areas. I didn’t see it and it’s in an area where it’s just outside the garage area so when the coaches come through the locker room, you have to make a special trip to go out into it. If you go upstairs you can see the players sitting in the cold tub, but that’s about it. I saw none of that. Never did I see anything of that nature you’re talking about, in terms of the horse play.

Q: Did you tell the players to stop the dunking?

A: I told the players that because of the idea of that nature of what took place and the potential for injury, we can’t have that anymore.

Q: Where do you draw the line between boys being boys in the locker room or training camp setting and something that you think crosses the line to where a player can be hurt or it’s inappropriate?
A: That’s where it is. If it’s among themselves and no one is going to be hurt and it’s strictly within themselves, then pretty much they’re… that’s among the players. When it affects others, and we do know for example that we have to be a good example for the young people and that’s a very important part of this. As a matter of fact, the Giants are very much involved in that type of thing. I think when it affects other people in a negative or adverse way, then it’s an issue and then it has to be dealt with. But you must understand a little bit too that when the players go away… I always contested that you can… I don’t care what level you’re at, the locker room is the locker room and it is pretty much theirs and when you’re away at camp, they do have fun with each other. They have some fun with the rookies and that type of thing. However, as it’s been stated and I’ll say it one more time, if there is a chance that someone can be injured, no one wants that. And the inappropriate language being broadcast, we would never want that to be associated with us.

Q: This wasn’t singing the school song, in other words…
A: This was not.

Q: What’s the discipline for the players involved?
A: That’s between the players and me. I’ve talked to all of them except a real sit down with JPP, which I will have. Prince came to me Sunday afternoon and said, ‘Coach, I just want to talk about it a little bit,’ and so he expressed himself that way to assure me that there was no issue between he and any player. I’ll deal with it and I’ll deal with it in our own way and it will be a private matter between the players and myself.

Q: Are you changing any social media policies you might have?

A: The only social media policy that I have is to respect the rights of others and I have had conversations and lectures about this in training camp, but I don’t approve of it. Where it’s a team and a family and what was heard and said should stay in the realm of the family.

Q: Justin Tuck indicated that this incident stemmed from the fact that they wanted Prince to have a little thing called swag. Is that a concern? Are you concerned about Prince’s toughness?

A: No, that wouldn’t be an explanation I would offer.

Q: Tom, can you update us on any injuries?

A: Like who?

Q: Beatty?

A: Beatty’s still struggling.

Q: Marvin Austin?

A: Marvin seems to be getting better and I think there’s a question of the type of the medication that he’s on and whether or not he can practice under that circumstance. Hopefully there will be more clarity about that situation.

Q: Hosley?

A: Hosley’s sore and they’re trying to do as much as they can to keep him off his feet

Q: How did Nicks do in practice today.?

A: He seemed to be pretty good. He seemed to feel good and moved around well and did a good job with it.

Q: Will you play him at all in the preseason?

A: I don’t know, we’ll see. We’re going to go slow to make sure that there’s never a setback. He’s very anxious to do more, but we’ll go slow.

Q: How has Sean Locklear done in place of Beatty? He’s had a lot of time out here.

A: Yes he has. He’s practiced, he’s a veteran football player, he knows his job, he knows what he’s doing. Some things happen in a ballgame with the complexities, for example, what he saw the other night that kind of slow people down because they don’t quite understand the communication, but by in large, he’s done well.

Q: You could have certainly moved around the offensive line, but in Beatty’s absence, you haven’t shown any inclination to do that. Is that your reflection on Sean’s play or you just don’t want to mess with the line any more at this point?

A: It’s both, to be honest. There’s going to have to be flexibility. Whether Sean plays left or right, or whether David Diehl plays left or right, or that type of thing. We obviously expect and live in expectation that Beatty will come back to the practice field unless something would happen otherwise, we’d have to do some … And of course, it’s kind of close. We’re getting close and those five guys need to play a lot together.

Q: How did Jacquian look today?

A: He seemed to move around well. He didn’t have any issues.

Q: Is there a chance he could play in the pre-season?

A: We’ll see.

Q: David Wilson got some first-team reps. Is that an indication of anything?

A: No. Just the fact that he hasn’t had those reps with the first group, and we want to take a look at that.

Q: What about D.J.? He looked like he was a little hesitant at times. Not following his blocking.

A: I don’t know about that. He dropped the screen; I think that was after the punt protection. Maybe that was on his mind. You’d like him to move forward, but it’s a big issue, obviously. This was scheduled. David’s going to move up, and get some plays with the ones.

Q: Looked like Ahmad was able to do some things out there today.

A: Yeah. I think he could do more. I mean, he’s obviously sore, he’s got some swelling in his hand, but his hands are well protected. So, I think this is precautionary.

Q: He’s just got to heal whatever he popped?

A: Just get the swelling out of it. That’s what I would say. Again, I’m not a doctor, otherwise there would be no injuries.