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Tom Coughlin Transcript, 08.02.12

A: Nice, warm day. We needed it. We needed it badly. So we got it, and it was good work out here. Guys competed well; I think we made a little progress today. Even the X’s and O’s, the mental errors seemed to be down a little bit today. It was good work. Two more good days like this will really help us.

Q: How much is Domenik Hixon back? Things like that. When he makes a play like that last one, do you kind of put that in the check column?

A: Well, you know he’s going to try to make the play. This guy is something else. He has no fear. He just went up for the ball, and he got it. If I had scripted it, I wouldn’t have done it that way. I probably wouldn’t have had him in there, you see him go down. He makes an excellent play. Eli gives him a chance to make the play, and he does. You’re looking for multiple, two-minute type calls, and the ball goes down the field in three plays, and that’s your drill. It’s not exactly what we had in mind.

Q: So, you’re complaining about the offense being too good?
A: You know, the first time you do it, you’d like to run some plays.

Q: Talk to your quarterback.
A: Run some plays, run some plays, run some plays.

Q: Tom, you used the referees today. More for you? For them? For both? What was the benefit?
A: Well, they come in. You schedule that. When they come in…they’re the replacement officials…they’re willing to do whatever you want them to do. They jump right in there. The league is encouraging it. You know that they receive some communication, as to the good, bad and the indifferent, and we’ll do that. Duke Carroll, who’s the supervisor, will be here tonight and then tomorrow morning. He’ll give the presentation that is normally given by the referee that’s in charge of the crew. But we’re glad to have them here. Any time you can create that type of environment, where we are getting the calls and we can reinforce at night with the players exactly what was called during the day, I think it’s a good thing. So, we’re glad to have them.

Q: How much does your running game change without Brandon Jacobs? And the dynamic that maybe you lost with him?

A: It doesn’t change. It really doesn’t change at all. You’d hope that there’s some degree where you might get the ball outside a little bit more perhaps, but it really doesn’t change. There’s not much change there.

Q: A couple of guys were carted off. Was that mostly dehydration stuff?

A: Yeah, it was dehydration. Right at the end Hosley went off with what I think was a calf cramp. A little bit earlier there was another one. We had some guys who lathered up pretty good today, so it was good for them. The big guys lathered up real good.

Q: There was also some shoving a little bit today. Was that discouraging or is that just part of camp?

A: No, that’s just part of it. You don’t like to see it, but when it’s legitimate that’s just part of it. But you don’t like to see grabbing of jerseys and stuff like that. You don’t want that. They quickly parted.

Q: Do you have anything further on Terrell?

A: No.

Q: There was a report yesterday that said there was a chance that he could play again this season. Have you been given anything to indicate that that’s possible?

A: As I told you yesterday, I’m going to stay positive until somebody tells me differently. I think he’s with Dr. Andrews, so that’s another opinion, so we’ll see.

Q: Is he there now?

A: Today, I think. I think today or tomorrow. (Thomas is scheduled to see Dr. Andrews on Tuesday)

Q: That report said that they didn’t think there was a tear, which I assume is from doctor that he went to see?

A: I can’t tell you anything about that. I didn’t even read it.

Q: You guys said injury. Do you believe that there was a partial tear?

A: I don’t know what to believe until we get it all back. At one point there was a possibility of a scope to look at it, to see what the damage was. They’ve done the MRIs and all of that stuff, but I think he’s collecting different opinions.

Q: It seemed like it took a little while last year for Antrel to get comfortable in that nickel role. Mentally, and I guess off the field, do you get to talk at all about that if he needs to play there?

A: Not really. He’s willing to do whatever you ask him to do. And he’s played down there and back at safety. He’s known both positions. He would play both positions and play them well. I think we have some different combinations of people, as you’ve seen if you’ve been watching close enough. There are different guys playing in that spot. Even Jacquian is playing in that spot. We’ll use the different combinations of people and we’ll check all these young guys out and all these other guys that are in camp with us and see how they fit. Whoever we feel like is the best person to give us the balance we want between the pressures and man coverage aspect of it, we’ll go that way. It’ll take a while.

Q: It looks like Will Hill has put a couple of good practices together…

A: Will Hill is practicing well. He is.

Q: His reaction time seems to be really quick. Once he makes a decision….

A: I think he is. He got himself to a good weight for a safety in the spring and then he lost some weight in the summer. He was in Florida training. So you see a real quick, well-conditioned athlete right now. He’s definitely had a couple of days where he’s stood out and he stands out on "teams" too.

Q: You mentioned Jacquian. He said he added about 20lbs this offseason. Is that something you guys encouraged him to do?

A: It just naturally happened through the weight training and the good nutritional eating. He just got bigger. He still runs really well so good for him and good for us.

Q: Marvin Austin looked like he was getting off the ball quickly today. Is that something you’ve seen him progressing with?

A: I’ve seen him doing that this camp. He’s reacting and got off the ball well.

Q: By all accounts Eli seems to be more relaxed and looser than ever. Do you see that at all?

A: I don’t see any difference. He’s very sharp. He’s very focused. He’s very much aware of what he wants, what the other people are doing, helping the other players learn their positions. He was talking to David Wilson at the end of today. I’ve seen him the same way as I have for the past 4 or 5 camps. He’s really into it. He’s really looking forward to it and really anxious to direct his team.