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New York Giants News And Notes: John Mara Jabs Jerry Jones

July 30, 2012; Albany, NY, USA; New York Giants Greg Jones (53) during New York Giants training camp. Tim Farrell/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE
July 30, 2012; Albany, NY, USA; New York Giants Greg Jones (53) during New York Giants training camp. Tim Farrell/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is your Thursday morning notebook.

John Mara laughs off Jerry Jones’ boasting, jokes he wasn’t aware of Cowboys owner’s dig at Giants because of all of the Tim Tebow news - NY Daily News
"We'll show up (to play the Cowboys)," Mara said. "But that is actually the first time I've heard that comment. I have been so caught up in the (Tim) Tebow coverage that I haven't had time for anything else."

Greg Jones Preparing for an Expanded Role on Defense | Inside Football
"That was tough for me last year," Jones admitted. "But you know, I went into the previous year saying to myself that I would be a Mike and that’s all. Looking back, that was the wrong attitude to have."

That’s why this year, Jones came back from his break ready to embrace anything that would ultimately result in him getting on the field more. With Herzlich looking like he has a good chance to unseat Blackburn as the starter, Jones is instead taking a page out of Blackburn’s book by learning all three linebacker positions so that he can increase his odds of getting on the field.

Giants' Antrel Rolle ready to serve as nickel corner this time, if needed |
'Whatever it takes,' he told his position coach

Gov. Christie: Jets, Giants suit against American Dream Meadowlands project 'anti-New Jersey' |
Christie said the teams' suit against the developers is holding up work on the project during a visit to Hackensack on Tuesday

Eli: Giants haven't done enough to be called a dynasty -
Don’t use the ‘D’ word in front of Eli Manning.

Tuck Plays 'No Respect' Card | Newsday
When it was suggested that it might not be so easy to adopt the underdog role after winning their second title since 2007, Tuck responded: "Is it? Everybody's saying we're going to be third or fourth in our division."

Not sure who "everybody" is, but Tuck said he has heard plenty of opinions suggesting the Giants were lucky to win last year's championship, and that they'll be overtaken this year by the Eagles and Cowboys. The Redskins? Tuck said he's heard all the chatter that Robert Griffin III is about to lead the Redskins back to respectability at the Giants' expense.

"We are probably the least talked about Super Bowl champion ever," Tuck said, underlining the "no respect" theme of the preseason. "How many Super Bowl champions have you covered -- ever -- that came in the next year and were picked fourth in their division?"

Clearing Up the CBA Rules | Inside Football


"When it comes to football, it’s Coach to me. He’s my boss. He’s not my father as far as the approach that I take and I think that that’s really the approach that he takes as well. When we do have time and we’re out of the office it’s great because this is the most time I’ve ever spent with him. Coaches hours are a lot of hours so unless he was on vacation in the summers he was working a lot. So this is by far the most amount of time I’ve ever spent with my father."

-- Giants wide receivers coach Kevin Gilbride Jr. on working with his father, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride Sr.

"I'd be lying to you if I said it didn't. He was working hard at coming back and a lot of things he was doing I was doing. We were working out together so I saw how hard he worked. It was kind of tough seeing him go down just knowing how hard he worked at coming back."

-- Domenik Hixon, who is trying to come back from two torn ACLs, on whether the injury to Terrell Thomas scared him

"My mentality has always been the same. That's just to come in and do everything I can to set myself up with a great opportunity to start for this team. I think I'm doing that so far, just by what I'm doing on the field."

-- Cornerback Prince Amukamara on whether or not his mindset changes with the injury to Thomas