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New York Giants Punter Steve Weatherford Apologizes For Posting Video

New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford has issued an apology via Twitter for posting a video online of Jason Pierre-Paul rather violently dunking teammate Prince Amukamara into a cold tub.

"I want to apologize to the fans... The video I posted was distasteful. Our team is a family, and we love each other. I am sorry to the fan," wrote Weatherford on Twitter Sunday evening.

Earlier in the day, head coach Tom Coughlin said he was just learning about the issue, the he would "speak to the parties involved" and that "anything that occurs within this family or within our group should not be a part of any social media aspect."

Boys will be boys, of course. Put two-and-two together here, however, and you have to guess that Coughlin had some not-so-nice words for the parties involved in 'Cold Tub-Gate.'

Weatherford is not the first athlete to post something on social media that he ended up regretting. He certainly won't be the last.