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Eli Manning, 08.18.12

Q: You had some good things on offense and not other things and what was the general opinion on how you guys played?

A: I thought there were some good things and going against a good defense, they showed a lot of different looks. It’s on a short week and not much game plan, I thought the guys did pretty well. There’s still a few things we can fix. A few mistakes here and there. It would be good film to look at. Obviously had a couple of good drives. Couldn’t get a touchdown and had to settle for field goals so that always kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. We wish we can finish drives. I think there’s a combination and some good things and some things we need to improve on.

Q: How concerned were you to see Ahmad Bradshaw go out with a swollen hand?

A: I saw him and you never like to see guys banged up. A hand is probably something that hopefully will heal quickly and won’t be a lasting factor.

Q: Talk to me about being in front of your home crowd finally.

A: It’s great to be back in our own stadium. I thought we had a great crowd even though it’s technically a Jets home game, a lot of Giants fans… So it’s always a good feeling and great to be back here.

Q: What did you learn about your offense today?

A: I thought the guys had a good understanding for what was going on and what the game plan was. When we look at the film, there’s going to be some good things and there’s going to be some things that we need to clean up. So I think there’ll be a combination of both and try to build on the good things and correct the bad.

Q: Were you overall satisfied?

A: Not totally satisfied. I was pleased. Pleased with a couple of things, but I had a turnover. We had two red-zone drives that failed to end with touchdowns, so those are things that we need to improve on.

Q: So even with a 26-3 win, you’re still not satisfied?

A: I was satisfied with the win. That’s always the goal, but I’m never completely satisfied with anything. I’m always looking for things to improve on.

Q: Can you talk about that interception? Was it an overthrow?

A: No. It was kind of a throwaway. I didn’t want to throw it, just throw it over the head of the receiver, and try to get it more out of bounds than what happened. So, I didn’t want to throw it to the receiver. I just have to make it more obvious, and throw it out of bounds.