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David Wilson, 08.18.12

Q: Thoughts on today’s performance:

A: The biggest thing, I felt like I had no missed assignments, went out and executed. I had a couple close ones. One of them, the guy kind of grabbed my jersey. I have to credit him on his strong fingers, but I was just trying to go out there and get better each week. Last week I had mental errors, and this week, not to my knowledge, we’ll go back and watch film, but not to my knowledge did I have any.

Q: You don’t really know til you look at the film?

A: Yeah, I mean the quarterback didn’t go on the ground while I was in (laughs).

Q: What goes through your head when Bradshaw goes down?

A: With a hand injury for a running back, you have to hold onto the ball, need your hands to do that. His deal is minor, probably won’t even miss two days of practice. He’ll be back out there, and he’ll be good.

Q: You’re ready just in case though?

A: Yeah, I always have to stay ready. You never know when you’re going to be called. Even when we’re going into these games and coach tells you that you’re not going to play until after halftime. I still stand on the sideline with my helmet on. You never know if he’s going to want to throw you in.

Q: Do you still feel like this is all sort of a work in progress for you?

A: Yeah right now since I’m not playing until after halftime, I’m not going against the starters. Like I said I’m just trying to get better. I really won’t know what to expect until after we play the Cowboys, or if I’m fortunate enough to play against the first team defense in the preseason games. Then I’ll know what to expect.

Q: What do you think of your buddy Hosley's interception return?

A: Oh yeah he put a lot of pressure on me when he did that because we both went to the same college. People back home see him do that and then they’re like ‘where’s David at?’ He’s been making plays like that and I knew it was just a matter of time until he had one in the NFL. I’m definitely happy for him.

Q: Is there a little rookie competition between you and Jayron (Hosley), trying to top each other?

A: There’s a competition between all the rookies, we want to see who’s going to perform the best. So far, I think all of us have been contributing when we were in. Rueben Randle, all the guys.

Q: Is he leading now with that interception?

A: Yeah, that was definitely the biggest play out of any of us so far. I was hoping to get a kickoff return, but they kept kicking it into the end zone, and we’re not going to bring it out if it’s that deep.