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Jayron Hosley, 08.18.12

Q: Talk about your big play, the interception:

A: It was an all-around good play, an eleven-man machine. Good pressure up front, which allowed me to stick to my man. The quarterback threw it when he didn’t want to. Good pressure from the d-line, like I said. Just going out there and doing my job, that was it.

Q: Did you see open field when you picked it?

A: Yeah. All I could see was the end zone, and I was going to get there, and I did.

Q: Thoughts on foot:

A: I was running, and I didn’t feel anything at that point. It was just green grass and the fans screaming. I was just going for the touchdown, that’s it.

Q: How did you hurt the foot?

A: I couldn’t really tell you right now. A little something in there. I just need to get some more tests on it.

Q: Did you feel like it was a make-or-break play, looked like you were a little behind him?

A: The ball was going to him, it wasn’t going to me. I saw it, and I went for it, just being a DB, and going to jump it. That’s what happened, and it worked out well for me.

Q: You were in the nickel right?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: When did you decide that you were going to high-step your way into the end zone?

A: When I felt that I was secure and safe, and that it was a touchdown. I was excited, first pick and touchdown in the NFL. It’s a good feeling.

Q: Thoughts on your improvement from last week:

A: Definitely. After something like that (fumble on punt return), you want to bounce back and show the coaches that you can bounce back and you’re the guy. It was good focus. I was looking for something to open up for me, and it turned out.

Q: After never playing the nickel at Virginia Tech, are you thinking now that this could be the spot for you?

A: Of course. I think with the right coaching, and the right guys around you, it’s possible. I definitely have that, and it’s been making sense to me.

Q: How have you been able to catch on to everything so fast in the NFL?

A: It’s just the work; it’s just the work. Having the right people around you, and staying humble, and understanding what your task is. I try to do that everyday, day-in and day-out. I just try to take it day-by-day.