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Big Blue View Wrecking Crew Fantasy Football Draft Order

Hey folks....the draft order was chosen randomly by computer program for both our original Big Blue View Wrecking Crew Yahoo Sports fantasy football league, and the overflow league being run by BBV reader Matt. Below are those draft orders, and you will likely hear a lot of trash talk bouncing around over the next few weeks!

Big Blue View Wrecking Crew

1. NobodyBeatsTheWenz
2. Team Elite
4. CasanovaWong
5. Pataroons
6. I have a GIF for win
7. BigBlueIntervention
8. NYGinNB
9. nySoldier23
10. Lord of the Rings
11. Giantareboss
12. The Editors
13. Da real LT
14. Slappinfaces

Big Blue View Overflow League

1. OptiNicks Prime
2. BBV Boozehounds
3. Flynner's F-ups
4. Wyoming Giants Fan
5. WhosDaBaas
6. gman in vegas
9. LawrenceTaylor
10.Bosaka's Giants
11. West Coast GMen
12. Cruz Control
13. Rumbling Saxons
14. ManningHam & Cheese