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New York Giants Over/Under At 9 Wins: Too High? Too Low?

We know, of course, that the New York Giants won the 2012 Super Bowl while garnering only nine wins in the regular season. The oddsmakers from Bovada have once again placed the over/under on Giants' victories this season at nine. Too high? Too low? Just right?

Here is a quick look at the Giants' 2012 schedule. Next to each game I am going to hazard a guess as to whether or not the Giants will be favored.

[UPDATED: Since, despite my pleas not to do this, some of you are picking apart which games the Giants are favored, in I changed the list below to indicate the real Vegas favored/underdog status for every game. As of today, the Giants are favored in only seven games].

Game 1: vs. Dallas -- Favored
Game 2: vs. Tampa Bay -- Favored
Game 3: @ Carolina -- Pick 'em
Game 4: @ Philadelphia -- Underdog
Game 5: vs. Cleveland -- Favored
Game 6: @ San Francisco -- Underdog
Game 7: vs. Washington -- Favored
Game 8: @ Dallas -- Underdog
Game 9: vs. Pittsburgh -- Favored
Game 10: @ Cincinnati -- Pick 'em
Game 11: vs. Green Bay -- Underdog
Game 12: @ Washington -- Favored
Game 13: vs. New Orleans -- Favored
Game 14: @ Atlanta -- Underdog
Game 15: @ Baltimore -- Underdog
Game 16: vs. Philadelphia -- [No lines posted yet]

Please, let's not turn this into an argument over which games the Giants will or won't be favored in. I only did that to illustrate that the over/under line of nine wins. The question, and the discussion, is about whether or not you believe nine wins is too high, too low or just right.

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