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Terrell Thomas, 08.16.12

Q: That must be tough for you to see Clint go?
A: Clint got released? I had no idea. He kind of expected it. Talking to him, he understands the business aspect of football. His biggest this is trying to progress as much as possible and get his knee healthy and be able to make a return this year. I’m shocked. I just found that out. I hate to see him go. He’s a good teammate.

Q: He just wasn’t ready?
A: He tore it late last year. Being that it was the second one, he just wanted to take the proper time, which the Giants gave him. I’m pretty sure once he gets picked up with another team, they will as well.

Q: You tweeted a picture of you running in the pool today. Is that the first time you did that?
A: Yeah.

Q: How does it feel?
A: Good. Progress. Taking it slow but doing everything I can in the mean time to get my knee strong and healthy again. When I’m able to return, I’ll be ready to go.

Q: You still working on the fluid time frame?
A: I don’t think there is a time frame. I think it’s just whenever the doctor gives me an O.K. based on how he feels, how I feel and how I progress through my rehab.

Q: Will that be their doctor?
A: It’ll be our doctor, Dr. Warren.

Q: So you won’t have to travel the country again?
A: I done that already.