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New York Giants News And Notes: Jets, Justin Tuck, Bed-Gate And More

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Slightly more than 48 hours now until the Giant face the New York Jets in the second game of the four-game preseason. Let's see what is being written and said about the Giants around the Inter-Google.

Super Bowl Champs Take Back Seat in NY -
Eclipsed by Tebowmania. By Rex Ryan and his entertaining proclamations. By a cornerback declaring he is the second-best receiver on the roster.

By the feuding and fighting during practice by Gang Green, which didn't even make the playoffs last season.

The Giants couldn't care less.

"This is just the way we like it," team owner John Mara said as he watched his team prepare for Saturday night's annual "Battle of New York," which hasn't been played in New York in decades. "We are not trying to be on the front page, the back page, the lead story right now.

"That other stuff we see, I do find it amusing; they do have personalities on that team. But more than a commentary on the Jets or any of us in football, it's a commentary more on the media, isn't it?

"But we don't worry about what the headlines will be the next day."

The Jets do, from owner Woody Johnson on down. Winning the back pages of the newspapers seems to be priority No. 1 for them.

Albany rain may chase Giants - Times Union
If after 16 summers the Giants finally decide they're done with the University at Albany, it won't be because the dormitory beds were too hard — even though a lack of lumbar support was the source of some grousing Tuesday.

The Giants' real problem with Albany is a lot more complicated than ordering a few more pillow-top mattresses: It's rain.

Even though Albany didn't see a whole lot of wet weather during the Giants' stay, it's an ever-present threat that bothers coach Tom Coughlin so much, one of his first tasks in the morning is to ask a UAlbany staffer for the forecast.

When it rains, the Giants move their practice indoors, onto the basketball courts at SEFCU Arena, an unappealing and unproductive alternative. Ideally, they'd like an indoor football field.

Just so happens they have one at The Meadowlands.

Areas of concern for all 32 NFL teams -
New York's defensive line isn't nearly as deep as you think. The top-heavy group has been hit by injuries to the non-stars. With cornerback Terrell Thomas hurt, former first-round pick Prince Amukamara also needs to step up after struggling in the preseason opener.

Justin Tuck talks season, sandwiches, Jets - Entertainment, Pop Culture, Style and Hot Trends - Trending Blog - ESPN Playbook - ESPN
Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, who was in New York City on Wednesday to help set a world record for sandwiches made at the same time, said he figured his quotes about retirement talk to the New York Post would cause ripples throughout the city.

"Once I said it, I kind of figured it was going to be blown out of proportion," said Tuck, 29. "It was a tough year last year, and at one point, I did consider hanging it up. But that was a short stint. That's what happens when people ask me questions and I tell the truth."

Tuck, a key member on the defensive line for the Super Bowl champs, missed four games last season with injuries to his neck, shoulder, groin and toe.

But he's back and ready for the NFL season to begin.

"That talk of retirement is no longer part of my mental compass," Tuck said. "I'm not thinking about retirement. I'm not looking forward to retirement at this point. I'm ready for the season."

Giants’ Top Draft Pick David Wilson Is Eager to Contribute -
"As a first-round draft pick, you don’t want Coach to feel like, ‘Aw man, we shouldn’t have picked him,’ " he said. "I put that pressure on myself. I’m always trying to learn more and take myself to another level."

That thing with the Giants and their beds was funny… but also kind of important -
Going away to training isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s kinda cumbersome. It’s something more teams found out this preseason.

It wasn’t unanimous, but it seems a whole bunch of teams are realizing how easy it is not to have training camp away from home. Thanks to the lockout last year, some teams stayed home. Then, some realized it was much better. The Ravens are one example. This year, 19 teams worked out at their stadiums or practice facilities. Bet more come home in the future.

What teams found was that it takes a lot of energy to move an entire organization to a random, far-off spot in upstate NY or the middle of Missouri or whatever. For a few weeks, things are not where you want or how you want or just different. Players do benefit, likely, from lack of distractions, mostly from their families. And in places like Dallas and Arizona, better and cooler weather makes going away key. But is it worth it for the others?

These beds are another example. A comical one, yes, but unless you happen to move to a place with a modern hotel nearby, players are stuck in dorms. And that’s meant bad beds and bad backs.

I love the idea of training camps in the middle of nowhere. I love the idea fans in places like Oxnard, Calif. and Latrobe, Penn. getting a football team in their backyard for a few weeks. But it’s a lot of trouble. No wonder more and more times are starting to think it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

The Philadelphia Eagles Should Sign Plaxico Burress - SB Nation Philly
This has been kicked around numerous times before, and there remains no indication it'll happen. Still, I've come around on the idea. The Eagles should sign Plaxico Burress.