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Tom Coughlin Press Conference, 08.14.12

No, I don’t have any comment about next year. I do know about the mattresses, and they are ours. So, what do you want me to answer now?

Q: How is your bed?

A: I don’t know. My rear end is bothering me, but it’s not from that.

Q: Fo you know what day Hakeem can first practice?

A: Monday, I think they’re going to let him go. You have to go through the acclimation period.

Q: Is Shaun Rogers injury season-ending?

A: Yes. Unfortunately, it is. It’s very sad, because you don’t know the real story. He lost 50 pounds. He went from the high 380s to 334 to check in at. He was really excited about being a part of this team. He got along really well with our defensive linemen. He actually asked to go play some more snaps the other night, which I thought was really neat. It’s just a shame. I hate to see…obviously, it’s your health first, and there isn’t any question about that. The only way I guess they can control these things are with these drugs, these blood-thinning drugs. Once you do that, obviously you’re done. I mean, you can’t take a chance on some kind of bleeding that is undetected. So, it’s just a sad thing.

Q: Can you just talk about the camp in general, whether you got done what you wanted to get done?

A: Not enough. I would always say that. That’s such a traditional answer. You get into it and you really, really do look forward to the – O.K. next day and trying to get better, especially when you play a game. When you have all these objectives ahead of you and then all of a sudden you look down and you tell your team, you know what, we’re on our 14th or 15th practice. 14th or 15th practice? We’re not even scratching the surface. We’ve got so much more to go and so much more work to do. So that’s my opinion of it. It’s been great. The fans here have been… The thing that I want to say is I think the fans here have been fabulous. Obviously we’re coming off a Super Bowl win so you’d be inclined to think that might be the case, but to have 5,000 people at a Sunday afternoon practice here; I just think they’ve been great. I wish that I personally could have accommodated more of them but the present schedule that we’re on… not even at night, there’s a bunch of people here at night. They’re not supposed to be watching the jog through but they’re around. Afterwards, it’s like sign, sign, sign. I have a meeting in about five minutes when I finish the jog throughs. But they’ve been terrific and that been a real plus.

Q: Do you have a better sense on Marvin Austin?

A: I don’t. I’m praying that when the phone call comes, it’s a good one - that it can be controlled and all that business. But I haven’t heard a word, not since he left.

Q: He practiced yesterday?

A: He practiced. He did the jog through. He did it all. 9:15. I don’t like those phone calls.

Q: This morning?

A: Last night.

Q: What do you think those two injuries potentially are going to do for your situation at defensive tackle?

A: I’ll say this to you. I thought we were as deep there as we were at any position on the team and it’s not that way right now.

Q: So there’s a roster spot there. Are you going to bring anybody in for defensive tackle?

A: We’re going to try. We’re in the process.

Q: Does it make the outlook a little brighter for someone like Hendricks?

A: Well, he can see that there’s opportunity. He goes a million miles an hour. I have the utmost respect for that kid; that kid works his ever-loving off. As a matter of fact, I use him as an example. If you’re going against him, you better be going full speed or he’s going to make you look bad. I’d love to see him play well in the games. Like the other night, he’s smart enough to figure out how to beat somebody and he did that a couple times the other night and made plays.

Q: How’s Ramses Barden?

A: He’s had that problem with his ankle and foot combination. He had a little trouble feeling really strong off of that one foot so they held him today. I hope that’s it.

Q: Is Antrel having trouble with his thigh or his quad or something?

A: He’s sore but it’s not going to stop him.

Q: I know you said you had no comment about the future, but do you still find having training camp away from home base beneficial?

A: We’ve done it both ways and I can comment on pluses and minuses for either way. Last summer we were home and it didn’t turn out too bad.

Q: Are you happy with the facilities here?

A: Except for when it rains.

Q: Kenny Phillips has looked very good against tight ends. Is that an area where you think he can really improve this year? Defending the tight end position?

A: Most of the time he’s been in center field, so I think when he gets one-on-one he’s obviously very good at it. He’s got long arms and great anticipation. He made a nice play today.