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Help Wanted: Defensive Tackles For Hire -- Contact New York Giants

Shaun Rogers is done for the season, and maybe his career, after being diagnosed with a blood clot in his leg. Martin Parker is gone for the season with a herniated disc in his back. The New York Giants are holding their breath hoping for good news about Marvin Austin. Chris Canty is on PUP and his return does not seem likely soon.

Coach Tom Coughlin said today that the Giants are "in the process" of bringing in at least one additional defensive tackle. Who is available?

Well, the new guy is unlikely to be former Giants and St. Louis Rams tackle Fred Robbins. He is, technically, a free agent. He recently announced his retirement after 12 years in the league, however.

Jimmy Kennedy, who played a little for the Giants last season but really was a non-factor, is unsigned. It seems highly unlikely the Giants would go down that road again.

Albert Haynesworth is available. I doubt the Giants want to go down that road.

The Giants will probably have a new defensive tackle on the roster by the time they take the practice field on Thursday. Who it will be is anyone's guess.