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New York Giants News And Notes: Tebowmania Time!

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is your Tuesday morning notebook, the final day of training camp at UAlbany for the New York Giants.

Giants Vs. Jets: Tebowmania Comes To Giants Training Camp - SB Nation New York
Tebowmania came to Albany on Monday, and from their reactions it did not seem like the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants were very happy about it. The Giants and New York Jets face off on...

Tuck to champs' critics: 'Sore losers' | New York Daily News
Even the Giants don’t know what they’ve done to earn so little respect from the rest of the NFL. All they hear about lately is who’s going to kick their butts this season or who should’ve beaten them in the playoff last year.

So what is it about the defending Super Bowl champions that make others think so little of them?

“There’s some sore losers in the world,” said Giants defensive end Justin Tuck.

Mara noncommittal on Albany camp - Giants Blog - ESPN New York

John Mara was asked about the future of the Giants training camp after the contract with SUNY Albany expires this year. The Giants owner wasn’t willing to indicate the team's intentions as he walked to a campus cafeteria.

“It’s nice the be wanted, but we’ll make that decision in the fall,” Mara said.


"No, maybe that’s because I used to wear that other jersey. They share the city with us and when you have bragging rights in your own city, especially in New York City, that’s a pretty big deal. Although getting a win in our division is worth one and a half, beating the Jets is pretty sweet."

-- Steve Weatherford of whether he agreed that Saturday's game against the Jets is not a big deal

"I think it’s giving them a little veteran advice. Those guys are both young. We’ve got Rueben Randle, Jayron Hosley, and JJ [Jerrel Jernigan]. So I think all of them are incredibly talented, but at this point it’s just keeping your confidence. After having something like that where you fumble a punt, you can lose your confidence. Once you lose your confidence, it’s hard to get it back. I think just staying positive with those guys and encouraging them and trying to get them as many reps as they can because that’s huge for them right now."

-- Weatherford on helping the team's young punt returners

"In college, I didn’t really face a lot of adversity, with the exception of Justin Blackmon, my senior year. I think in the NFL, you do have to have thick skin, and not let things get to you. The greatest get beat, week in and week out, so it’s just great just to develop that short-term memory, and just forget about things."

-- Prince Amukamara on playing cornerback in the NFL