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Prince Amukamara, 08.13.12

RE: On early struggles in the Jacksonville scrimmage before forcing a fumble:

A: Well, in college, I didn’t really face a lot of adversity, with the exception of Justin Blackmon, my senior year. I think in the NFL, you do have to have thick skin, and not let things get to you. The greatest get beat, week in and week out, so it’s just great just to develop that short-term memory, and just forget about things.

Q: What do the vets say to you? A guy like Rolle, what does he say to you on the sideline, after you give up a touchdown?

A: Well, right before we went back out on the second series, Corey and Antrel would just say, "Just forget about it. Learn from it, and put it behind you. We have to come up big this next series."

Q: Antrel was saying something yesterday, about there’s no babying in the NFL. You have to turn into a man overnight. Is that a natural lesson? Where do you think you are in that process?

A: Was he saying that about me? Or he was just saying that in general?

Q: Well, he said in general.

A: Well, the NFL is a big boy’s game. If you [don’t have] thick skin, or can’t accept criticism, then I don’t think this is a place for that person.

Q: It’s been a while since you’ve been a target for offenses. At Nebraska, they pretty much stayed away from you. This year, if you’re a first-year starter, it would probably be the opposite. I would think they would stay away from Corey…

A: Yeah, for sure. It would make sense to go to the less experienced guy. I mean, Corey is an eight-year vet. So, it would make sense to come to my side. I just have to keep doing my job, and force them to go other places.