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Mathias Kiwanuka Transcript, 08.13.12

Q: Look at the film against Jacksonville, and what did you see?
A: Obviously, we always want to come out with the win. We didn't get that. There's areas we can improve on but that's the nature of the preseason. We have little things we've got to take care of and make sure we get it done.

Q: Looking forward to playing the Jets?
A: We always are. Whenever you get a chance to go up against our instate rival - close, share a stadium, all the history that goes into it -it's always a fun game but it's also a preseason game, so it's a chance for us to work and hone our craft and make sure that we're setting ourselves up for a good start to the season.

Q: Are there two levels of rivals?

A: The ones that are going to impact the season the most, I think that's what you consider the biggest rivals. So it's Dallas, Philly, Washington and anybody in the NFC. There is a little bit added to it because we're in the same city and frequent the same places and you want to able to be the best in your hometown.

Q: What do you make of Tebowmania?
A: He's a gamer. He's a guy that knows how to play. We got to be able to prepare for it. Tebowmania... it is what it is. We have a lot of manias over here. We had Tuckmania and Elimania. We're used to that kind of attention and that kind of fanfare, but for us, it's just another game.

Q: The wildcat used to be incredibly successful and then not so much. Is it still a dangerous offense to prepare for?
A: It can be a dangerous offense. It takes more preparation now because in the beginning, it was something that teams had never seen before, so it just threw everybody a curveball. Now, it's something that if you're gonna install in your offense, you gotta spend time preparing for it because we've seen it on film and we know how to adjust to it now as a defense.

Q: Is it a lot of time you have to prepare for?

A: No. It's more just about matching up and making sure everybody knows what their assignments are in specific formations, more than anything. Most of the time when you see the wildcat, it's not something that offenses have had time to prefect and go over. So it's more just about being in the right spot and making a football play.