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Ryan Perrilloux: Giants' No. 3 QB Focused On Getting Better

Ryan Perrilloux, the New York Giants' No. 3 quarterback, very nearly led the Giants into position for a game-winning field goal attempt in the closing seconds Friday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars. With better work from his offensive line, Perrilloux might have been able to do just that.

Perrilloux completed 6-of-7 passes against Jacksonville for 59 yards and a touchdown.

"I felt good about the game," Perrilloux said. "I felt great. The game definitely has gotten slower to me. As long as I continue to master this offense and continue to improve it'll continue to slow down."

The 6-foot-3, 204-pound Perrilloux played collegiately at LSU and in the UFL for the Hartford Colonials, then coached by former Giants quarterbacks coach Chris Palmer. The Giants originally signed the strong-armed Perrilloux to a reserve/futures contract in January of 2011.

He was part of the Giants' practice squad all of last season. Sort of. He was involved in 26 roster moves during the 2011 season, being waived and re-signed to the practice squad time and time again.

"It was a few times. It was a learning experience, an opportunity to still be around football, still an opportunity to get better week in and week out," Perrilloux said."It was just what we needed to do to help our ball club. I'm a guy they felt like they could move around a little bit,"

"I just use that as motivation this year to be a guy that's more stable."

Giants quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan was recently asked to assess Perrilloux's progress from a season ago.

"Ryan has got a strong arm. He’s an athletic kid who can move in the pocket really well. He’s working on his progressions and knowing where to go with the football. He does it. He works at it. He’s understanding coverages and where to go with the ball," Ryan said. "I think the one thing that Ryan is aware of and the one thing that we’re working on, is his consistency in terms of his accuracy. I think he knows that. There’s some mechanical things that he does that he’s aware of, that we’ve worked on, to try to make his throws more consistent. He’s made some great throws. He’s also missing guys as you’ve pointed out. He’s aware of it and we’re working on it.

The Giants have gone through several young quarterbacks in recent seasons, trying to find one who could be a long-term backup for Eli Manning. Jared Lorenzen, Andre Woodson and Rhett Bomar came and went long ago. Now it is Perrilloux's turn.

Perrilloux understands there are clear first- and second-string quarterbacks with the Giants. To earn an opportunity to be that trusted backup for Manning, Perrilloux said he needs to "show the coaches that I'm making good decisions."

"I can just control what I can control," Perrilloux said. "That's going out every day and getting better. learning the system and trying to command it and master it."

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said after Friday's game that "Ryan has really played better this fall" and that he "made a very nice throw for a touchdown."

The touchdown was a back-shoulder throw that rookie Reuben Randle went up and took away from a defensive back.

In Friday's final drive Perrilloux moved the Giants from their own 19-yard line with two minutes remaining to the Jaguars 45 before running out of time.

"I'm really growing as a quarterback. I'm really getting to that No. 2 and No. 3 guy much faster than I did last year," Perrilloux said. "As long as I continue to show improvement day in and day out there will be an opportunity there for me."