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Tom Coughlin Press Conference, 08.12.12

Q: James Brewer, we noticed him leaving.

A: Yeah, he got tight in the back again. I’m trying to keep him out there. When he’s out there, he actually looks pretty good. We’re having trouble keeping him out there.

Q: Shaun Rogers missing?
A: Shaun Rogers is. His leg swelled up on him, so we kept him inside.

Q: Hixon looked good but Douglas is still not ready to come back?
A: Wasn’t ready today. We were going to run him. So I’ll get a report on how far along he is, but they’re trying to get him back.

Q: Is Beatty cleared to practice?
A: He’s limited. He was supposed to take about a third today and see how he is. Hopefully he can go tomorrow.

Q: How about Justin Trattou?
A: No change there. It’s sad. It’s more the heel than it is the ankle, but he’s just having a tough time.

Q: Can you talk about going with one punter and kicker?
A: Going with one? That’s the way that we’ve done it and it’s been O.K. that way. We’ve had a couple of situations where we had to worry about who’s going to do what, but by and large over the years… to save the roster spot has been beneficial for us. Some people believe in the kickoff guy and the field goal guy and that type of thing. That’s fine. We’ve been fortunate to have people who can punt and kick and stay healthy and give us the extra roster spot.

Q: Are you going to stick with the guys who have been doing the punt returns?

A: Are you available to try? I’ll put out whoever wants to come out here and catch punts. We have about five guys and they’re going to keep grinding away, but they’re all right today.

Q: Did you try to put more heat on them in practice today?

A: You saw the drill, yeah. I think that’s all great but the truth of the matter is that it’s 24-7 and there’s 41 seconds left (in the first half)… (Hosley) is just a young kid and he’ll learn. It’s a hard way to learn. I don’t care, let it go. I don’t care, just don’t do what you did. We’ve got to go the length of the field with 41 seconds, we’re ahead 24-7, we’ll end the half right now. It’s not that complicated.

Q: You guys talk about how Randle is such a natural catcher of the ball. Will he be given a chance in a game?

A: You’ve seen him catch it, there isn’t any question what you would do. Let’s say you have two or three of him and there’s that situation in the game at the half; obviously you don’t care about the return, the guy goes out and catches the ball securely. That would be the way you would go. It’s a nice situation to be able to talk about after you do it right, rather than the way that it happened.

Q: What did you see from Martellus Bennett from the game and kind of going forward?

A: I liked what I saw. He blocked, he did a nice job while he was in there, made a nice catch obviously. I think we’re making progress there.

Q: He seems like an interesting guy. What’s he like to coach?

A: He’s an interesting guy.

Q: Care to elaborate?

A: No. I wouldn’t have the proper vocabulary.

Q: How much do you allow him to be himself?

A: Well, he’s himself. There isn’t any question about that. He’s gotten a lot better. I didn’t hear any of this stuff that he said, but it has been reported to me some of the things he has said...

Q: I don’t mean this in any bad way, but is it easier for you to accept a guy like that at this point?

A: It’s not that. I like them to have their own personalities. I just like them to be able to structure within the concept of trying to keep the focus on the game, on the field, and on the team. I don’t like robots. I like to kid around with them every once in a while. I also like them to realize when it’s acceptable, and when it isn’t acceptable.

Q: How’s he so far?

A: He’s gotten better. I think he’s gotten better.

Q: Can it be beneficial for team unity? Kind of loosen people up a little bit? Lighten up the atmosphere?

A: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on that one.

Q: That’s a great way to put it, "I don’t like robots." I think earlier in your career, people probably thought you did like robots. Did you try to turn them into robots?

A: I got a little better with them, I’ll tell you that.

Q: You used to try and turn them into robots and you don’t anymore? Or is that a misconception?

A: I’ve become more patient.

Q: After one pre-season game, is there a different urgency to camp at this point?

A: The whole thing is about improvement. I gave them 10 things today, probably could have given them 20. I gave them 10 things to really focus on. That is the purpose of pre-season games. If you’ll notice, I was very disappointed that JJ had a problem. When the young guys have problems, it’s almost like, ‘Guess what? That’s kind of what’s supposed to happen with some of these kids.’ Have them now, have the problems now so we can get by it. That’s what this thing is about, in pre-season for us; to evaluate the personnel, throw them out there, let them have their problems and get caught in issues that they’ve perhaps never been in against some pretty good people and get it over with. If they’re going to be able to help us, this is the time for it.

The pressure is to get better and we should get better. After looking at the tape and understanding it and what have you… I didn’t like the 89-yard drive against the ones. I would have been a lot happier if that didn’t happen, but some of the other things that happened – you’re up 24-7, you should win.

Q: Is there anyone that surprised you in the game compared to how practice has gone?
A: I don’t think I was surprised. I thought Isaiah’s catch was really something. I thought Randle made a couple of good plays but he’s made them out here. The low ball catch, going full speed, he’s done that. Will Hill has played pretty aggressively in practice and he did the same in the game, which I was glad to see that. I’ve told anybody that goes against Dwayne Hendricks – he’s going full speed every play. So if you’re foolish enough to think that he’s not going to make you look bad, you’re ridiculous. So he goes out and plays the game just like he practices. He did very well for himself. I was disappointed more than surprised. I had never seen anything like that happen with two punt returns. I hope I never do again.

Q: You mentioned Isaiah Stanback, is it just a matter of him finally feeling comfortable at the wide receiver position?

A: I don’t know about comfortable. Everybody uses that word ‘comfortable.’ Just make plays. You’ve got to make plays and his great thing is, what he should be able to do is go block people. He should be tremendous at that. Physical, that’s what Ramses should do … Go knock those defensive backs down. Let the run game come through.

Q: What’s the biggest improvement you’ve seen from David Wilson so far?

A: I don’t know that there’s improvement yet. He still has to master his assignments, which is a challenge. He has a lot thrown at him, but the ingredients that he has, he’s displayed. He ran hard. He’s physical. Threw himself around, took care of the ball, should have gone out of bounds, but bounced a kickoff return outside for a midfield kickoff return. I don’t know that I’m surprised by any of that.

Q: Were there any other injuries that happened out there?

Coughlin: Cordle had his knee swell up on him, which was, I think it’s just a matter of maintenance, but he wasn’t able to go today.

Q: Are you impressed with Spencer Paysinger, or what has impressed you with him in his performance?

A: He’s been impressive since he made our team as a rookie. He’s probably our top special teamer. He gained a lot of good muscle weight in the off-season. He’s done pretty well when he’s had the opportunity; he played a lot the other night. He just gets better; he’s continuing to get better.